Title8 Zoning, Planning, Housing, Economic and Community Development  

SubTitle 8-30g-1_8-30g-11. Affordable Housing Land Use Appeals Procedures
SubTitle 8-37ee-1_8-37ee-314. Fair Housing Regulations
SubTitle 8-37r-1_8-37r-9. Personal Data System
SubTitle 8-37y-1_8-37y-13. Surplus Property Program
SubTitle 8-45-1_8-45-15. Housing
SubTitle 8-68d-1_8-68d-3. Housing Stock Report Regulations
SubTitle 8-68f-1_8-68f-22. Tenant Rights in State Public Housing
SubTitle 8-68g. Developers’ Fee
SubTitle 8-72-1_8-72-3. Waiting Lists
SubTitle 8-79a-1_8-79a-40. Moderate Rental Housing Program
SubTitle 8-80-1_8-80-5. Supplement No. I
SubTitle 8-81a-1_8-81a-5. Adaptable Housing Pilot Program
SubTitle 8-84-1_8-84-7. Home Ownership Program
SubTitle 8-100-1_8-100-8. Flood Relief Home Ownership Program
SubTitle 8-116a-1_8-116a-6. Waiting Lists
SubTitle 8-119g-1_8-119g-18. Congregate Housing for the Elderly
SubTitle 8-119jj-1_8-119jj-29. Affordable Housing Program
SubTitle 8-119kk-1_8-119kk-8. Elderly Rental Assistance Program (RAP)
SubTitle 8-119t-1_8-119t-8. Independent Living for Handicapped and Developmentally Disabled Persons
SubTitle 8-169w-1_8-169w-9. Urban Homesteading Loan Fund
SubTitle 8-198-1_8-198-11. Municipal Development Projects
SubTitle 8-203-1_8-203-5. Description of Organization
SubTitle 8-206e-1_8-206e-7. Housing Assistance and Counseling Program
SubTitle 8-210b-1_8-210b-23. Purchase of Services Program
SubTitle 8-214d-1_8-214d-14. Land Bank/Land Trust Fund
SubTitle 8-214h-1_8-214h-20. Limited Equity Cooperative/Mutual Housing Association Program
SubTitle 8-216b-1_8-216b-11. State Housing/Community Development Program
SubTitle 8-218c-1_8-218c-32. Community Housing Development Corporations
SubTitle 8-219c-1_8-219c-9. Senior Citizen Emergency Home Repair and Rehabilitation Program
SubTitle 8-219d-1_8-219d-8. Nonprofit Corporations Assistance Program
SubTitle 8-219e-1_8-219e-9. Hazardous Material Program
SubTitle 8-248A-1_8-248-E-34. Conduct of the Affairs of the Connecticut Housing Finance Authority
SubTitle 8-273-1_8-273-45. Relocation Assistance Appeal
SubTitle 8-289-1_8-289-12. Downpayment Assistance Program
SubTitle 8-336f-1_8-336f-6. Connecticut Housing Partnership Program
SubTitle 8-336q-1_8-336q-5. State Housing Trust Fund Program
SubTitle 8-337-1_8-337-5. Security Deposit Loan Fund
SubTitle 8-345-1_8-345-12. Rental Assistance Program
SubTitle 8-346-1_8-346-12. Rental Assistance for New Units
SubTitle 8-358-1_8-358-10. A Demonstration Program for the Development of Innovative Housing for the Homeless
SubTitle 8-365-1_8-365-8. Municipal Housing Trust Fund Program
SubTitle 8-367a-1_8-367a-6. Tenant Management Assistance Program
SubTitle 8-381-1_8-381-7. Housing Development Zone Regulations
SubTitle 8-388-1_8-388-11. Housing Infrastructure Fund
SubTitle 8-395-1_8-395-11. Tax Credit Program
SubTitle 8-412-1_8-412-9. Predevelopment Costs
SubTitle 8-416-1_8-416-9. Septic System Repair
SubTitle 8-423-1_8-423-7. Septic System for Municipalities