Title7 Municipalities  

SubTitle 7-22a-1_7-22a-3. Rules and Regulations for Certification of Connecticut Town Clerks
SubTitle 7-35ee-1_7-35ee-10. Real Property Electronic Recording Act
SubTitle 7-53-1_7-53-3. Procedures for Creating and Indexing Confidential Adoption Records for Adopted Persons Born in this State
SubTitle 7-62-1_7-62-3. Pronouncement of Death by a Registered Nurse
SubTitle 7-169-1_7-169-35a. Operation of Bingo Games
SubTitle 7-169c-1_7-169c-6. Amusement and Recreation Bingo
SubTitle 7-169e-1_7-169e-6. Amusement and Recreation Bingo For Parent Teacher Associations
SubTitle 7-169h-a1_7-169h-29. Manufacture, Distribution and Sale of Sealed Tickets
SubTitle 7-185-1_7-185-17b. Operation of Bazaars and Raffles
SubTitle 7-186k-1_7-186k-19. Operation and Conduct of Games of Chance
SubTitle 7-273m-1_7-273m-6. Requirements and Standards for the Coordination of Fixed Route Bus Service between Transit Districts
SubTitle 7-294e-1_7-294e-24. Original Certification, Lateral Certification and Comparative Certification to the Position of Police Officer
SubTitle 7-323k-1_7-323k-6. Description of Organization, Course of Operation and Rules of Procedure
SubTitle 7-323l-1_7-323l-102. Fire Fighter Qualification and Certification Policy and Procedures Rules and Regulations
SubTitle 7-392. Municipal Financial Reporting by Independent Auditors
SubTitle 7-394a. Monitoring Municipalities in Financial Distress
SubTitle 7-425. Definition
SubTitle 7-427-1_7-427-2. Participation by Municipalities
SubTitle 7-439a-1_7-439a-3. Method of Payment Under Section 7-439a
SubTitle 7-442. Transfer from Fund A to Fund B
SubTitle 7-442a-1_7-442a-4. Transfer of Retirement Credit Between Municipalities Under Section 7-442a
SubTitle 7-448-1_7-448-4. Election of Optional Form of Retirement Salary for Municipal Employees
SubTitle 7-453-1_7-453-11. Participation by Municipalities in Social Security
SubTitle 7-471-1_7-471-75. Municipal Employee Relations Act
SubTitle 7-572-1_7-572-3. Assisting Connecticut Communities Seeking Economic Stability (ACCSES)