Title 38. Insurance Department  

Sec. 38-4-1 to 38-4-196(5). Rules of Practice
Sec. 38-4c-1 to 38-4c-4. Arbitration Procedure for Automobile Physical Damage and Property Damage Claims
Sec. 38-17a-1 to 38-17a-6. Claims-made Liability Insurance Policies
Sec. 38-20-1 to 38-20-6. Requirements for Insurance Companies Applying for a License to do Business in the State of Connecticut
Sec. 38-33-1 to 38-33-9. Insurance on Motor Vehicles Sold Under Instalment Contracts or Pledged for a Loan
Sec. 38-37a-1 to 38-37a-10. Proxies, Consents and Authorizations of Domestic Stock Insurers
Sec. 38-61-1 to 38-61-21. Unfair Insurance Practices; Advertisement of Accident, Sickness and Hospitalization Insurance
Sec. 38-64-1 to 38-64-57. Unfair Insurance Practices: Advertisements of Accident and Sickness Insurance
Sec. 38-64a-1 to 38-64a-3. Regulations Governing the Availability of Insurance on Real Property Regardless of Location
Sec. 38-68h-1 to 38-68h-23. Insider Trading of Domestic Stock Insurance Company Equities Securities
Sec. 38-68u-1 to 38-68u-6. Height and Style of Type to be used in Insurance Policies
Sec. 38-72(b)-1 to 38-72(b)-8. Public Adjusters
Sec. 38-72(h)-1 to 38-72(h)-8. Public Adjusters
Sec. 38-75a-1 to 38-75a-9. Service Fees to be Charged by Insurance Agents and Insurance Brokers
Sec. 38-77-1 to 38-77-5. Casualty Adjusters
Sec. 38-78-1 to 38-78-18. Surplus Lines Insurers
Sec. 38-92b-1 to 38-92b-8. Conduct of Motor Vehicle Physical Damage Appraisers
Sec. 38-114f-1 to 38-114f-19. Connecticut FAIR Plan
Sec. 38-130c-1 to 38-130c-9. Mortality Tables: Minimum Nonforfeiture Benefits
Sec. 38-130e-1 to 38-130e-9. Mortality Tables: Minimum Reserve Liabilities
Sec. 38-135a-1 to 38-135a-4. Approval of Form of Life Insurance and Annuity Policies and Contracts
Sec. 38-153-1 to 38-153-4. Group Life Insurance
Sec. 38-154a-1 to 38-154a-34. Variable Life Insurance
Sec. 38-155-1. Accident and Health Insurance Contracts
Sec. 38-165-1 to 38-165-4. Approval of Individual Accident and Health Policy Forms
Sec. 38-174-1 to 38-174-14. Coordination of Benefits
Sec. 38-174m(c)-1 to 38-174m(c)-21. Disclosure Requirements for Medicare Supplemental Policies and Policies which Duplicate Medicare Benefits
Sec. 38-174m(f)-1 to 38-174m(f)-17. Medicare Supplemental Insurance Minimum Standards
Sec. 38-174x-1 to 38-174x-7. Long-Term Care Insurance
Sec. 38-175a-1 to 38-175a-9. Minimum Provisions for Automobile Liability Insurance Policies Covering Motor Vehicles
Sec. 38-175m-1 to 38-175m-7. Connecticut Motor Vehicle Insurance Safe Driver Classification Plan
Sec. 38-175w-1 to 38-175w-8. Reports to the National Automobile Theft Bureau, Inc.
Sec. 38-201cc-1 to 38-201cc-6. Private Passenger Automobile Insurance Statistical Data Monitoring System
Sec. 38-201n(c)-1 to 38-201n(c)-3. Approval of Property and Casualty Insurance Forms
Sec. 38-201u-1 to 38-201u-7. An Accident Prevention Course for Mature Drivers
Sec. 38-232-1 to 38-232-4. Approval of Form of Fraternal Benefit Society Policies and Contacts
Sec. 38-255-1 to 38-255-4. Approval of Credit Life Insurance and Credit Accident and Health Insurance Policy Forms
Sec. 38-310-1 to 38-310-7. Connecticut Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association Plan of Operation
Sec. 38-328-1. Connecticut Motor Vehicle Insurance
Sec. 38-330-1 to 38-330-2. Connecticut Motor Vehicle Insurance
Sec. 38-339-1. Connecticut Motor Vehicle Insurance
Sec. 38-342-1. Connecticut Motor Vehicle Insurance
Sec. 38-344-1. Connecticut Motor Vehicle Insurance
Sec. 38-370a-1. Professional Liability Insurance
Sec. 38-374(c)-1 to 38-374(c)-6. Coordination of Benefits
Sec. 38-378(a)-1 to 38-378(c)-4. Individual Accident and Sickness Insurance  Minimum Standards
Sec. 38-379(b)-1 to 38-379(b)-6. Group Coverage Discontinuance and Replacement