Title 32. Commerce and Economic and Community Development  

Sec. 32-1c-1 to 32-1c-7. Personal Data
Sec. 32-5a-1 to 32-5a-5. Standards of Repayment of Loans or Grants Made to Business Organizations that Relocate Out of State
Sec. 32-6a-1 to 32-6a-9. Proposed Regulations for the Implementation of the Restoration of Historic Assets in Connecticut Fund
Sec. 32-9f-1 to 32-9f-10a. Small Contractors' Set Aside Program
Sec. 32-9l-1 to 32-9l-7. Job Incentive Grant Program
Sec. 32-9p-1 to 32-9p-10. Financial Assistance and Tax Incentives to Encourage Industrial and Business Growth in Areas of High Unemployment
Sec. 32-9q-1 to 32-9q-7. Implementation of Employment Incentive Loan Program and Economic Development Loan Program under Section 32-9q of the General Statutes
Sec. 32-9s-1 to 32-9s-2. Penalties and the Waiver of Penalties for Failure to Comply With Certain State Reporting Requirements
Sec. 32-9bb-1 to 32-9bb-6. Administration of and Eligibility for Dam Repair Loan Funds
Sec. 32-9hh-1 to 32-9hh-6. Child Care Facilities Loan Program
Sec. 32-9nn-1 to 32-9nn-6. Loans to Businesses Impacted by  Road and Bridge Repairs
Sec. 32-9qq-1 to 32-9qq-7. Business Outreach Center Challenge Grant Program
Sec. 32-13-1 to 32-13-47. Insuring of Industrial Mortgages
Sec. 32-23o-1 to 32-23o-7. Small Contractors Loan Program
Sec. 32-23z-1 to 32-23z-6. Business Environmental Clean Up Revolving Loan Fund Program
Sec. 32-36-1 to 32-36-7. Implementation of the Connecticut Product Development Corporation Act
Sec. 32-55-1 to 32-55-6. Surety Bond Guarantee Program for Small Contractors
Sec. 32-70-1. Enterprise Zone Designation
Sec. 32-72-1 to 32-72-5. Enterprise Zone Capital Formation Revolving Fund
Sec. 32-75-1 to 32-75-2. Enterprise Zone Program: Non Eligible Businesses
Sec. 32-75a-1 to 32-75a-6. Railroad Depot Zone Designation
Sec. 32-75c-1 to 32-75c-6. Qualified Manufacturing Plant Designation
Sec. 32-76-1 to 32-76-7. Entertainment District Designation
Sec. 32-82-1 to 32-82-8. Small Contractors and Small Manufacturers Loan Program
Sec. 32-90-1 to 32-90-3. Motion Picture Film Commission
Sec. 32-116-1 to 32-116-6. Infrastructure Development Economic Assistance Program
Sec. 32-130-1 to 32-130-5. Loan Incentives for Employment Fund
Sec. 32-141-1 to 32-141-3. Issuance of Private Activity Bonds
Sec. 32-150-1 to 32-150-6. Employee Ownership Loans and Interest Rate Subsidies
Sec. 32-156-1 to 32-156-5. Northeast Connecticut Capital Assistance Fund
Sec. 32-162-1 to 32-162-8. Exporters Revolving Loan Fund
Sec. 32-167-1 to 32-167-7. Organization of Department of Commerce
Sec. 32-176-1 to 32-176-6. Small Business Innovation Research Assistance Grants
Sec. 32-290-1 to 32-290-4. Entrepreneur Program
Sec. 32-317-1 to 32-317-9. Energy Conservation Loan Program