Title31 Labor  

SubTitle 31-1-1_31-1-17. Establishment of Rules of Procedure for Hearings in Contested Cases to be Conducted by the Labor Commissioner
SubTitle 31-3g-1_31-3g-6. Provision of Assistance Within Existing Resources to, and Access to Programs Specific to the Job Training and Placement Needs of, Displaced Homemakers
SubTitle 31-3s-1_31-3s-8. Subsidized Transitional Employment Program (S.T.E.P.)
SubTitle 31-11a-1_31-11a-17. Dislocation Allowance and Reemployment Assistance Program
SubTitle 31-19-1_31-19-4. Employment of Women Between 1 a.m. And 6 a.m.
SubTitle 31-23. Employment of Minors
SubTitle 31-37-1_31-37-14. Sanitary Facilities In Connecticut Establishments
SubTitle 31-38a-1_31-38a-15. Sanitary, Lighting and Heating Facilities for Employees of Railroad Companies as Defined in Section 16-1 of the General Statutes
SubTitle 31-40v-1_31-40v-11. Establishment and Administration of Safety and Health Committees at Work Sites
SubTitle 31-46a-1_31-46a-228. Construction Safety Code
SubTitle 31-51d-1_31-51d-12. Commissioner of Labor’s Work Training Standards for Apprenticeship and Training Programs
SubTitle 31-51ddd-1_31-51ddd-16. Individual Development Accounts Program
SubTitle 31-51ee-1_31-51ee-8. Procedures and Guidelines for Hearings, Redress and Employer Reporting to the Labor Commissioner Under the Family and Medical Leave Act
SubTitle 31-51k-1_31-51k-2. Employment of Illegal Aliens
SubTitle 31-51qq-1_31-51qq-48. The Family and Medical Leave Act
SubTitle 31-51rr-1_31-51rr-57. Family and Medical Leave for School Paraprofessionals
SubTitle 31-51x-1_31-51x-8. Designation by the Labor Commissioner of Occupations as High-Risk or Safety-Sensitive Occupations Subject to Random Urinalysis Drug Testing
SubTitle 31-53a-1_31-53a-3. Identification of Parties Subject to Debarment from the Award of Contracts by the State or any of its Political Subdivisions
SubTitle 31-53b-1_31-53b-5. Construction Safety
SubTitle 31-60-1_31-62-e15. MINIMUM WAGES
SubTitle 31-71h-1_31-71h-6. Civil Penalties for Wage Violations
SubTitle 31-91-1_31-91-70. Rules of Procedure
SubTitle 31-101-1_31-101-79. Connecticut State Labor Relations Act
SubTitle 31-125-1_31-125-57. Fair Employment Practices Act
SubTitle 31-136-1_31-136-6. Establishing, and Defining the Special Role of, the Connecticut Governor’s Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities
SubTitle 31-222-1_31-222-17. Unemployment Compensation
SubTitle 31-225(i). Foreign Contractors Required to File Bond with the Administrator, Unemployment Compensation Prior to Construction Activity in this State
SubTitle 31-227. Voluntary Withholding of Income Tax
SubTitle 31-230-1_31-230-4. Alternate Base Period
SubTitle 31-231a-1_31-231a-4. Compensation Weekly Benefit Rate for Construction Workers
SubTitle 31-235-1_31-235-27. Eligibility for Unemployment Compensation
SubTitle 31-236-1_31-236-58. Eligibility for Unemployment Compensation
SubTitle 31-236b. Guidelines for Approval by the Labor Commissioner of Job Training Programs, Job Retraining Programs, and Claimants Under Sec. 31-236b, C.G.S.
SubTitle 31-237g-1_31-237g-107. Proceedings on Disputed Matters Pertaining to Unemployment Compensation Claims
SubTitle 31-244-1_31-244-9a. Appeals and Hearing Procedures
SubTitle 31-250-1_31-250-12. Personal Data
SubTitle 31-255-1_31-255-9. Interstate Reciprocal Agreement Relating to Transfer of Contributions Between the States of New York and Connecticut
SubTitle 31-272-1_31-272-18. Registration and Rules of Conduct for Authorized Agents Providing Representation for a Fee
SubTitle 31-273-1_31-273-9. Collection of Overpayments of Unemployment Compensation Benefits
SubTitle 31-275-1_31-275-2. Preliminary Acts in Preparation for Work and Employee’s Place of Abode
SubTitle 31-279-1_31-279-10. Assignment and Postponement of Hearings and the Authority of Claims Personnel
SubTitle 31-279(b)-1_31-279(b)-5. Availability of Workmen’s Compensation
SubTitle 31-280-1_31-280-3. Approved Physicians and Other Practitioners
SubTitle 31-283a-1_31-283a-6. Structure and Operation of Workers’ Rehabilitation Programs
SubTitle 31-284-1_31-284-20. Self-Insurance Certification
SubTitle 31-296-1_31-296-2. Filing of Voluntary Agreements
SubTitle 31-301-1_31-301-11. Appeal from Compensation Commissioner (CRB Appeal Procedure)
SubTitle 31-313-1_31-313-2. Rehabilitation of Employees Who Have Suffered Compensable Injuries
SubTitle 31-316. Filing of Accident Reports
SubTitle 31-349g-1_31-349g-9. Second Injury Fund Assessment on Employers
SubTitle 31-354-1_31-354-15. Second Injury Fund
SubTitle 31-371-1_31-371-20. OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND HEALTH
SubTitle 31-372-1_31-372-108-1928. OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND HEALTH
SubTitle 31-374-1_31-374-15. OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND HEALTH
SubTitle 31-376-1_31-376-61. Rules of Procedure
SubTitle 31-379-1_31-379-22. Discrimination against Employees Exercising Rights under the Connecticut Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1973
SubTitle 31-390(b)-1_31-390(b)-6. Emergency Municipal Public Works Employment Program
SubTitle 31-401-1_31-401-4. Approval of a Medical Facility other than a General Hospital as an Auxiliary Occupational Health Clinic