Title29 Public Safety and State Police  

SubTitle 29-2-1_29-2-10. Procedures for Hearings
SubTitle 29-7h-1_29-7h-6. Firearms Evidence Databank
SubTitle 29-23a-1_29-23a-17. Operation of a Rotational System For Summoning Wreckers
SubTitle 29-32b-1_29-32b-15. Organization of the Board, Rules of Practice of or before the Board, and Declaratory Rulings of the Board
SubTitle 29-36m-1_29-36m-22. Weapons
SubTitle 29-40-1_29-40-226. Fire Safety Code
SubTitle 29-60-1_29-60-51. Regulations for the Installation of Oil Burning Equipment
SubTitle 29-62-1_29-62-215. Storage, Use and Transportation of Flammable and Combustible Liquids
SubTitle 29-67-1_29-67-31. Dry Cleaning and Dry Dyeing
SubTitle 29-70a-1_29-70a-2. Regulations of Gas Equipment and Pipe Installation
SubTitle 29-72-1_29-72-134. Storage, Use and Transportation of Liquefied Petroleum Gas
SubTitle 29-78-1_29-78-2. Safe Storage and Transportation of Hazardous Chemicals
SubTitle 29-89-1_29-89-378. Transportation, Storage, Sale and Use of Explosives
SubTitle 29-97-1_29-97-23. The Sale and Use of Fireworks
SubTitle 29-106q-1_29-106q-10. Model Rocketry
SubTitle 29-108-1_29-108-4. Use of Chemicals in Removing Soot from Boilers, Furnaces, Chimneys and Flues
SubTitle 29-109-1_29-109-116. Motion Picture Theaters
SubTitle 29-136-1_29-136-15. Safety Regulations for Amusement Rides and Devices
SubTitle 29-140-1_29-140-16. Outdoor Amusements under Tents and Portable Shelters
SubTitle 29-143j-1_29-143j-91. BOXING AND MIXED MARTIAL ARTS
SubTitle 29-152o-1_29-152o-8. Bail Enforcement Agent
SubTitle 29-161-1_29-161-5. PART I
SubTitle 29-161b-1_29-161b-9. Approval of Schools for Guards Who Carry Firearms
SubTitle 29-161x-1_29-161x-7. PART II
SubTitle 29-161z-1_29-161z-5. PART III
SubTitle 29-192-A1_29-192-6e. ELEVATORS AND ESCALATORS
SubTitle 29-200-1_29-200-10. Vertical and Inclined Wheelchair Lifts and Inclined Stairway Chairlifts
SubTitle 29-203-1_29-203-3a. Passenger Tramway Safety
SubTitle 29-223-1_29-223-26a. State Examining Board for Crane Operators
SubTitle 29-232-1_29-232-116. Boiler Design, Construction, Installation, Repair, Use and Operation
SubTitle 29-251-1_29-251-17. Procedure of the Codes and Standards Committee
SubTitle 29-251c-1_29-251c-2. Assessment of Education Fee
SubTitle 29-252. Connecticut State Building Code
SubTitle 29-262-1_29-262-12b. Building Official Licensure
SubTitle 29-276b-1_29-276b-4. Standards for Testing of Construction Materials
SubTitle 29-291a-1_29-291a-10a. Connecticut State Fire Prevention Code
SubTitle 29-292-1_29-292-25e. Connecticut State Fire Safety Code
SubTitle 29-298-1_29-298-16. Classes of Certification and Standards of Qualification for Local Fire Marshals, Deputy Fire Marshals, Fire Inspectors, and Other Local Fire Officials
SubTitle 29-313-1_29-313-2. Portable Fire Extinguishers
SubTitle 29-315. Sprinklers in Hotels and Motels
SubTitle 29-316. Nationally Recognized Laboratories Acceptable for Approving Fuel Oil Burners
SubTitle 29-317-1_29-317-4. Installation of Oil Burners and Equipment
SubTitle 29-320-1_29-320-4a. Storage, Use and Transportation of Flammable and Combustible Liquids
SubTitle 29-325-1_29-325-2. Dry Cleaning Plants
SubTitle 29-329-1_29-329-4. Connecticut Gas Equipment and Piping Code
SubTitle 29-331-1_29-331-5. Connecticut Liquefied Petroleum Gas and Liquefied Natural Gas Code
SubTitle 29-337-1_29-337-3. Safe Storage and Transportation of Hazardous Chemicals
SubTitle 29-349-106_29-349-378. Storage, Transportation and Use of Explosives and Blasting Agents
SubTitle 29-357-1_29-357-23a. Sale, Use, Transportation and Storage of Fireworks and Special Effects
SubTitle 29-367-1_29-367-3. Connecticut Model Rocketry Code
SubTitle 29-369. Pyrotechnics
SubTitle 29-401-1_29-401-5. State Demolition Code