Title25 Water Resources, Flood and Erosion Control  

SubTitle 25-26-1_25-26-23. Certification of Operators of Wastewater Treatment Plants
SubTitle 25-32-1_25-32-14. Qualifications of Operators of Water Treatment Plants
SubTitle 25-32d-1_25-32d-6. Source Water Protection Measures
SubTitle 25-32e. Civil Penalties for Violation of Certain Drinking Water Laws
SubTitle 25-33b-1_25-33b-5. Program of Loans and Grants to Private and Municipal Water Companies
SubTitle 25-33h. Connecticut Plan for Public Water Supply Coordination
SubTitle 25-37c-1_25-37c-2. Establishment of Criteria and Performance Standards for Classification Water Company Lands, and Department of Health Services Review of Disposition and Use of Such Lands
SubTitle 25-37d-1_25-37d-9. Water Company Land Permits
SubTitle 25-54cc-1_25-54cc-7. Terminals for the Loading or Discharge of Petroleum or Chemical Liquids or Products From Vessels
SubTitle 25-54cc(c)-1_25-54cc(c)-48. Hazardous Waste Management
SubTitle 25-54i-1.0_25-54i-5.2. Water Pollution Control
SubTitle 25-68h-1_25-68h-3. Flood Management Regulations for State Agencies
SubTitle 25-104-1_25-104-11. Soil Conservation
SubTitle 25-104a-1_25-104a-10. Establishment of Connecticut Council on Soil and Water Conservation
SubTitle 25-110-1_25-110-4. Construction of Dams
SubTitle 25-128-1_25-128-64. Description of Organization, Rules of Practice, and Regulations for the Well Drilling Industry
SubTitle 25-129-1_25-129-2. Well Casing Extension