Title 22a. Environmental Protection  

Sec. 22a-1-1 to 22a-8-11. Description of Organization
Sec. 22a-1a-1 to 22a-1a-12. Connecticut Environmental Policy Act
Sec. 22a-2a-1 to 22a-2a-2. Delegation of Authority
Sec. 22a-3a-1 to 22a-3a-6. Rules of Practice
Sec. 22a-6b-1 to 22a-6b-15. Administrative Civil Penalty
Sec. 22a-6b-100 to 22a-6b-701. Assessment of Civil Penalties
Sec. 22a-27l-1 to 22a-27l-3. Administer the Distribution and Expenditure of Funds in the Endangered Species, Natural Area Preserve and Watchable Wildlife Account
Sec. 22a-30-1 to 22a-30-17. Tidal Wetlands
Sec. 22a-39-1 to 22a-39-15. Inland Wetlands and Water Courses Regulations of the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection
Sec. 22a-42d-1. Inland Wetlands
Sec. 22a-49-1. Use of Pesticides
Sec. 22a-50-1 to 22a-50-9. Pesticide Registration and Classification
Sec. 22a-54-1 to 22a-54-3. Application of Pesticides from the Air
Sec. 22a-56-1. Fees for Examination and Registration of Pesticide Distributors
Sec. 22a-64-1. Emergency Use Authorization of Pesticides
Sec. 22a-65-1. Discarding of Pesticides and Containers
Sec. 22a-66-1 to 22a-66-7. Use of Pesticides
Sec. 22a-66a-1 to 22a-66a-2. Posting and Notification of Outdoor Pesticide Applications
Sec. 22a-66l-1. Applications of Pesticides by State Agencies
Sec. 22a-66z-1. Application of Chemicals to State Waters
Sec. 22a-69-1 to 22a-69-7.4. Control of Noise
Sec. 22a-79-1 to 22a-79-9. Beverage Container Deposit and Redemption
Sec. 22a-113b-1. Grants for the Protection of Coves and Embayments
Sec. 22a-116-1 to 22a-116-10. Hazardous Waste Facilities Siting
Sec. 22a-116B-1 to 22a-116B-11. Hazardous Waste Management Facility Siting
Sec. 22a-122-1. Hazardous Waste Minimum Distance Requirements
Sec. 22a-133f-1. Superfund Priority Score
Sec. 22a-133k-1 to 22a-133k-3. Remediation Standard
Sec. 22a-133m-1 to 22a-133m-3. Urban Site Remediation Program
Sec. 22a-133q-1. Remediation Standard
Sec. 22a-133v-1 to 22a-133v-8. State Board of Examiners of Environmental Professionals
Sec. 22a-135-1. Reporting of Nuclear Incidents
Sec. 22a-163f-1 to 22a-163f-10. Low-Level Radioactive Waste Management Facility Siting Regulations
Sec. 22a-163l-1. Low-Level Radioactive Waste Management Facility Siting Regulations
Sec. 22a-163t(b)-1. Low-Level Radioactive Waste Management Facility Siting Regulations
Sec. 22a-163t(e)-1 to  22a-163t(e)-3. Low-Level Radioactive Waste Management Facility Siting Regulations
Sec. 22a-174-1 to 22a-174-200. Abatement of Air Pollution
Sec. 22a-208a-1. Solid Waste Permit Fee
Sec. 22a-208i(a)-1. Composting of Leaves
Sec. 22a-209-1 to 22a-209-17. Solid Waste Management
Sec. 22a-228-1. State Solid Waste Management Plan
Sec. 22a-231-1. Qualifications of Operators and Inspectors of Resources Recovery Facilities
Sec. 22a-238-1. Qualifications of Operators and Inspectors of Resources Recovery Facilities
Sec. 22a-241b-1 to 22a-241b-4. Mandatory Recycling
Sec. 22a-245-1 to 22a-245-6. Beverage Container Deposit and Redemption
Sec. 22a-255b-1 to 22a-255b-3. Plastic Bottle Coding
Sec. 22a-315-1 to 22a-315-19. Soil and Water Conservation District and Council on Soil and Water Conservation
Sec. 22a-339d-1 to 22a-339d-4. Grants to Municipalities and Lake Associations to Improve the Water Quality of Recreational Lakes
Sec. 22a-354b-1. Level A Mapping
Sec. 22a-354i-1 to 22a-354i-10. Aquifer Protection Areas-Land Use Controls
Sec. 22a-372-1. Water Diversion
Sec. 22a-377(b)-1. Water Diversion
Sec. 22a-377(c)-1 to 22a-377(c)-2. Water Diversion
Sec. 22a-409-1 to 22a-409-2. Dams and Similar Structures
Sec. 22a-416-1 to 22a-416-2. Wastewater Treatment Facility Operator Certification
Sec. 22a-430-1 to 22a-430-8. Water Pollution Control
Sec. 22a-439-1 to 22a-439-4. Funding Assistance to Connecticut Municipalities and State Agencies for Planning, Design and Construction of Pollution Abatement Facilities
Sec. 22a-449(c)-1 to 22a-449(c)-119. Hazardous Waste Management
Sec. 22a-449(d)-1 to 22a-449(d)-113. Underground Storage Tank System Management
Sec. 22a-449(e)-1. Underground Storage Tank Petroleum Clean-Up Fund
Sec. 22a-451-1. Grants to Municipalities for Potable Water Supplies
Sec. 22a-454-1. Permit Fees for Hazardous Materials Management
Sec. 22a-462-1 to 22a-462-3. Sewage System Additives and Detergents
Sec. 22a-471-1. Grants to Municipalities and Water Companies for Potable Water Supplies
Sec. 22a-472-1. Oil and Gas Exploration and Production
Sec. 22a-482-1 to 22a-482-4. Clean Water Fund
Sec. 22a-630(d)-1. Annual Registration Renewal Fee for Manufacturers
Sec. 22a-638-1. Recycling of Covered Electronic Devices