Title 21a. Consumer Protection  

Sec. 21a-1-1 to 21a-1-29a. DESCRIPTION OF ORGANIZATION
Sec. 21a-9-1 to 21a-9-11. Uniform Rules of Procedure Concerning Boards and Commissions within Its Jurisdiction
Sec. 21a-12-1 to 21a-12-4. Use of Chemicals in Removing Soot from Boilers, Furnaces, Chimneys and Flues
Sec. 21a-10-1. Schedule for License Renewal
Sec. 21a-12a-1 to 21a-12a-2. Guidelines for Public Playground Equipment
Sec. 21a-29-1 to 21a-29-2. Compliance with Flour Enrichment Standards
Sec. 21a-58-1 to 21a-58-37. Frozen Dessert Products Standards and Regulations
Sec. 21a-61-1 to 21a-61-8. Frozen Food Regulations
Sec. 21a-63-1 to 21a-63-12. Specifications and Test Standards for Clinical Thermometers
Sec. 21a-66-1 to 21a-66-3. Safe Handling and Disposal of Hypodermic Needles and Syringes
Sec. 21a-75-1 to 21a-75-8. Unit Pricing of Consumer Commodities
Sec. 21a-79-1 to 21a-79-7. Universal Product Coding/Marking of Retail Price
Sec. 21a-86a-1 to 21a-86a-6. Plumbing Fixtures
Sec. 21a-100-1 to 21a-100-10. Labeling of Cuts of Meat Sold by Food Establishments
Sec. 21a-101-1 to 21a-101-8. Sanitary Standards for Food Establishments
Sec. 21a-102-1 to 21a-102-6. The Labeling of Cuts of Meat Sold by Retail Food Establishments
Sec. 21a-115-1 to 21a-115-32. Connecticut Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act
Sec. 21a-143-1 to 21a-143-3. Dietary Beverages
Sec. 21a-147-1 to 21a-147-10. The Manufacture of Apple Cider and Apple Juice
Sec. 21a-156-1 to 21a-156-7. Bakeshops and Bakery Products
Sec. 21a-190k-1 to 21a-190k-8. The Solicitation of Charitable Funds
Sec. 21a-196-1 to 21a-196-89. Boxing and Sparring
Sec. 21a-224-1 to 21a-224-8. Health Clubs
Sec. 21a-235-1 to 21a-235-32. Bedding and Upholstered Furniture
Sec. 21a-243-1 to 21a-243-18. Designation of Controlled Drugs
Sec. 21a-244-1 to 21a-244-11. Storage and Retrieval of Prescription Information for Controlled Substances
Sec. 21a-244a-1 to 21a-244a-4. Electronic Drug Records in Hospitals
Sec. 21a-254-1 to 21a-254-7. Record Keeping for Controlled Drugs
Sec. 21a-262-1 to 21a-262-10. Minimum Security and Safeguard Standards for Storage and Handling of Narcotic Drugs
Sec. 21a-274a-1 to 21a-274a-12. Drug Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Programs
Sec. 21a-308-1 to 21a-308-8. Supportive Personnel in Pharmacies
Sec. 21a-326-1 to 21a-326-5. Registration of Practitioners for Controlled Substances
Sec. 21a-336-1. Banned Hazardous Substances
Sec. 21a-342-1 to 21a-342-2. Repurchase of Banned Hazardous Substances