Title 20. Professional & Occupational Licensing, Certification  

Sec. 20-7-1 to 20-7-9. Certification by the Board
Sec. 20-10-1 to 20-10-6. Medical Educational Requirements
Sec. 20-11-1 to 20-11-14. Written Examinations
Sec. 20-12-1. Temporary Licenses for Medical Care to Campers at Youth Camps
Sec. 20-13d-1. Reporting Actions Taken Against Physicians
Sec. 20-16-1 to 20-16-8. Connecticut Osteopathic Examining Board
Sec. 20-25-1 to 20-25-30. Rules of Practice
Sec. 20-26-1 to 20-26-5. State Board of Chiropractic Examiners
Sec. 20-32b-1 to 20-32b-7. Continuing Education for Chiropractors
Sec. 20-36-1 to 20-36-9. State Board of Natureopathy Examiners
Sec. 20-44-1 to 20-44-3. Permits to Physicians to Serve as Interns or Residents in Hospitals in This State for the Purpose of Extending Their Education
Sec. 20-46-1 to 20-46-39. Rules of Practice
Sec. 20-53-1 to 20-53-25. The Board of Examiners in Chiropody
Sec. 20-68-1 to 20-68-16. Board of Examiners for Physical Therapists
Sec. 20-74i-1 to 20-74i-8. Continued Competency Requirements for Biennial License Renewal by Occupational Therapists and Occupational Therapy Assistants
Sec. 20-74o-1 to 20-74o-4. Criteria and Procedures for Substance Abuse Counselor Certification
Sec. 20-74s-1 to 20-74s-3. Certification and Licensure Standards for Alcohol and Drug Counselors
Sec. 20-77-1 to 20-77-8. State Board of Examiners in Midwifery
Sec. 20-87a-1 to 20-87a-6. Settings and Conditions for the Advanced Level Nursing Practice Activities of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses
Sec. 20-90-1 to 20-90-59. The Board of Examiners for Nursing and Requirements for Registration of Professional Nurses and Certification of Licensed Practical Nurses
Sec. 20-104-1 to 20-104-15. Dentists
Sec. 20-111-1 to 20-111-10. Continuing Education Requirements for Annual License Renewal by Dental Hygienists
Sec. 20-123b-1 to 20-123b-9. Administration and Use of Anesthesia and Conscious Sedation in Dentistry
Sec. 20-128-1 to 20-128-16. State Board of Examiners in Optometry
Sec. 20-132-1. State Board of Examiners in Optometry
Sec. 20-141-1 to 20-141-31. Commission of Opticians
Sec. 20-146(c)-1 to 20-146(c)-7. Continuing Education for Opticians
Sec. 20-162o-1. Application Fees for Respiratory Care Practitioners
Sec. 20-163-1 to 20-163-13. Description of Organization
Sec. 20-164-1 to 20-164-5. Drug Prescriptions Transmitted by Facsimile Machines
Sec. 20-164b-1 to 20-164b-11. Storage and Retrieval of Prescription Information for Non-Controlled Substances
Sec. 20-169-1 to 20-169-5. Closing of Pharmacy Prescription Departments
Sec. 20-175-1 to 20-175-80. Practice of Pharmacy
Sec. 20-175a-1 to 20-175a-2. Posting of Prescription Drug Prices
Sec. 20-187-1 to 20-187-20. Rules of Practice Procedure Governed and Structure
Sec. 20-188-1 to 20-188-4. Psychology Licensing Requirements
Sec. 20-195a-1 to 20-195a-5. Marital and Family Therapists
Sec. 20-195c-1 to 20-195c-7. Continuing Education for Marital and Family Therapists
Sec. 20-195o(c)-1 to 20-195o(c)-7. Continuing Education for Clinical Social Workers
Sec. 20-195cc-1 to 20-195cc-7. Continuing Education for Professional Counselors
Sec. 20-196-1 to 20-196-44. Rules of Practice
Sec. 20-211-1 to 20-211-35. Embalmers
Sec. 20-242-1 to 20-242-20. Barber Shops and Barber Schools
Sec. 20-251-1 to 20-251-19. Hairdressers and Cosmeticians
Sec. 20-269-1 to 20-269-8. Board of Examiners of Hypertrichologists
Sec. 20-275b-1 to 20-275b-7. Continuing Education for Electrologists
Sec. 20-280-1 to 20-280-28. Issuance of Certified Public Accountant Certificate by Written Examination
Sec. 20-281-1 to 20-281-12. Require that Permit Holders, as a Condition for the Renewal of a Permit to Practice, Undergo a Quality Review
Sec. 20-289-1 to 20-289-14. Architectural Licensing Board
Sec. 20-300-1 to 20-300-15. Professional Engineers and Land Suveyors
Sec. 20-300b-1 to 20-300b-20. Minimum Standards of Accuracy, Content and Certification for Surveys and Maps
Sec. 20-314-1 to 20-314-9. Passing Scores on Examinations for Real Estate Broker's License and Real Estate Salesman's License
Sec. 20-314a-1 to 20-314a-11. Real Estate Licensing
Sec. 20-319-1 to 20-319-9. Continuing Education for Real Estate Brokers and Salesmen
Sec. 20-325c-1 to 20-325c-5. Fees Charged by Real Estate Brokers and Salesmen
Sec. 20-325d-1 to 20-325d-7. Real Estate Brokers and Salesmen
Sec. 20-327b-1. Residential Property Condition Disclosure Report
Sec. 20-328-1 to 20-328-33. Real Estate Brokers and Salesmen
Sec. 20-329m-1 to 20-329m-11. Disposition, Advertising, Sale or Exchange in This State of Real Estate Located in Another State or Jurisdiction
Sec. 20-330-1P to 20-330-22P. Description of Organization and Rules of Practice
Sec. 20-332-1 to 20-332-21a. Occupational Licensing
Sec. 20-334d-1. Continuing Education Requirements for the Electrical and Plumbing Trades
Sec. 20-341gg-1 to 20-341-gg-8. Registration of Major Contractors
Sec. 20-344-1 to 20-344-23. Licensing and Regulations of the T.V. Service Business
Sec. 20-368-1 to 20-368-16a. Examination and Licensure
Sec. 20-377t-1. Interior Designers
Sec. 20-381-1 to 20-381-12. Ambulance Services
Sec. 20-406-1 to 20-406-15. Hearing Aid Dealers
Sec. 20-416(b)-1 to 20-416(b)-14. Licensure of Speech Pathologists and Audiologists
Sec. 20-417aa-1. Limited Swimming Pool Licenses
Sec. 20-430-1 to 20-430-3. Registration as Home Improvement Contractors and Salesmen
Sec. 20-440-1 to 20-440-9. Licensure and Training Requirements for Persons Engaged in Asbestos Abatement and Consultation Services
Sec. 20-441. Licensing and Training Requirements for Persons Engaged in Asbestos Abatement and Consultation Services
Sec. 20-461-1 to 20-461-4. Community Association Managers
Sec. 20-478-1 to 20-478-3. Standards for Licensure and Certification of Lead Abatement Contractors, Lead Consultants and Lead Abatement Personnel
Sec. 20-491-1 to 20-491-28. Home Inspectors
Sec. 20-504-1 to 20-504-12. Real Estate Appraisers
Sec. 20-512-1 to 20-512-11. Real Estate Appraisers
Sec. 20-556-1 to 20-556-7. Uniform Athlete Agents Act
Sec. 20-576-1 to 20-576-68. The Practice of Pharmacy
Sec. 20-614-1 to 20-614-6. Electronic Data Intermediaries
Sec. 20-633-1 to 20-633-5. Administration of Influenza Vaccine by Pharmacists
Sec. 20-635-1 to 20-635-6. Quality Assurance Programs for Pharmacies
Sec. 20-654-1 to 20-654-8. Shorthand Reporters
Sec. 20-670-1 to 20-670-4. Registration of Homemaker-Companion Agencies