Title19a Public Health and Well-being  

SubTitle 19a-2a-1_19a-2a-29. Personal Data
SubTitle 19a-7-1_19a-7-2. Confidentiality of Health Care Data
SubTitle 19a-7h-1_19a-7h-5. Reporting Information to and Releasing Information from the Connecticut Immunization Registry and Tracking System
SubTitle 19a-9-1_19a-9-29. Rules of Practice
SubTitle 19a-14-1_19a-14-55. Evaluation of Candidates with Previous Licensure
SubTitle 19a-17n-1_19a-17n-2. Conditions for Physician Participation in the Malpractice Insurance Purchase Program
SubTitle 19a-25-1_19a-25-4. Disclosure of Health Data
SubTitle 19a-32a-1_19a-32a-5. AIDS Research Education Fund
SubTitle 19a-32b-1_19a-32b-5. Breast Cancer Research and Education Fund
SubTitle 19a-36-A1_19a-36-d38. Reportable Diseases and Laboratory Findings
SubTitle 19a-37a. Fire Sprinkler Regulations
SubTitle 19a-41-1_19a-41-13. Birth Certificates: Filing Requirements and Access
SubTitle 19a-55-1_19a-55-3. Newborn Infant Health Screening
SubTitle 19a-59. Newborn Hearing Screening Program
SubTitle 19a-59c-1_19a-59c-6. Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC)
SubTitle 19a-73-1_19a-73-7. Connecticut Tumor Registry
SubTitle 19a-74a-1_19a-74a-2. Public Sources of Nicotine Yield Ratings for Cigarettes
SubTitle 19a-76-1_19a-76-4. Per Capita Grants for Part-Time Health Departments
SubTitle 19a-79-1_19a-79-13. Child Day Care Centers & Group Day Care Homes
SubTitle 19a-87b-1_19a-87b-18. Family Day Care Homes
SubTitle 19a-88-1_19a-88-10. Retired Licensure for Nurses
SubTitle 19a-92a. Conditions for Advanced Practice Registered Nurses, Registered Nurses, Physician Assistants and Technicians Engaged in Tattooing
SubTitle 19a-102a-1_19a-102a-3. The Sale of Turtles
SubTitle 19a-111-1_19a-111-11. Lead Poisoning Prevention and Control
SubTitle 19a-113a. Requiring Lifeguards to be Certified in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
SubTitle 19a-115-1_19a-115-6. Medical Test Units
SubTitle 19a-116. Regulations on Abortions
SubTitle 19a-121b-1_19a-121b-7. Allocation of AIDS Funds
SubTitle 19a-127n-1_19a-127n-2. Adverse Event Reporting for Hospitals and Outpatient Surgical Facilities
SubTitle 19a-160-1_19a-160-138. Description of Organization
SubTitle 19a-165q-1_19a-165q-108. A Prospective Payment System for Hospitals
SubTitle 19a-166-1_19a-166-5. Negotiation of Discounts with Hospitals
SubTitle 19a-167g-1_19a-167g-99. FY 1990 Hospital Budget Review
SubTitle 19a-177-1_19a-177-9. Statewide Trauma System
SubTitle 19a-178b-1_19a-178b-6. Equipment Grants for Emergency Medical Services
SubTitle 19a-179-1_19a-179-21. Office of Emergency Medical Services
SubTitle 19a-180-1_19a-180-10. Need for Emergency Medical Services
SubTitle 19a-279l-1_19a-279l-5. Anatomical Gifts
SubTitle 19a-332a-1_19a-332a-23. Standards for Asbestos Abatement
SubTitle 19a-332e-1_19a-332e-2. Licensure and Training Requirements for Persons Engaged in Asbestos Abatement and Consultation Services
SubTitle 19a-333-1_19a-333-13. Asbestos-Containing Materials in Schools
SubTitle 19a-401-1_19a-401-32. Operation of Commission on Medicolegal Investigations Reports of Death, Suicide Notes and Personal Data
SubTitle 19a-403. Fees To Be Charged for the Services of the Chief Medical Examiner and the Professional Staff of the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner As Experts
SubTitle 19a-428-1_19a-428-7. Youth Camp Licensing Regulations
SubTitle 19a-460-1_19a-460-10. Administration of Medication in Day and Residential Programs and Facilities Operated, Licensed or Funded by the Department of Mental Retardation
SubTitle 19a-464a-1_19a-464a-17. Community Based Housing Subsidy Program for Eligible Clients of the Department of Mental Retardation
SubTitle 19a-467-1_19a-467-33. Licensure of Private Residential Facilities for Mentally Retarded and Autistic People
SubTitle 19a-482-1_19a-482-5. Community Work Services Program
SubTitle 19a-483b-1_19a-483b-15. Funding Program for Privately Operated Community Residences for Mentally Retarded Persons
SubTitle 19a-483c-1_19a-483c-4. Work Incentive Grants for Certain Fully Employed Residents of Community Facilities
SubTitle 19a-487b. Mobile Field Hospital
SubTitle 19a-490k-1_19a-490k-2. Medical Protocol for the Administration of Influenza and Pneumococcal Polysaccharide Vaccines for Patients in Hospitals
SubTitle 19a-495-1_19a-495-571. Licensure of Private Freestanding Mental Health Day Treatment Facilities, Intermediate Treatment Facilities and Psychiatric Outpatient Clinics for Adults
SubTitle 19a-497. Strike Contingency Plans for Health Care Facilities
SubTitle 19a-504c. Discharge Planning
SubTitle 19a-506-1_19a-506-6. Maternity Homes
SubTitle 19a-519-1_19a-519-7. Nursing Home Administrator—Educational & Licensure Requirements
SubTitle 19a-527-1_19a-527-2. Civil Penalty Violations for Chronic and Convalescent Nursing Homes and Rest Homes with Nursing Supervision
SubTitle 19a-580d-1_19a-580d-9. Recognition and Transfer of "Do Not Resuscitate" Orders
SubTitle 19a-586-1_19a-586-3. Informed Consent for an HIV-Related Test
SubTitle 19a-589-1_19a-589-3. Aids Related Testing and Medical Information and Confidentiality
SubTitle 19a-613-1_19a-613-4. Office of Healthcare Access Division
SubTitle 19a-630-1_19a-630-2. Definitions Applicable to Sections 19a-630-1 through 19a-653-4, Inclusive, of the Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies
SubTitle 19a-638-1_19a-638-4. Certificate of Need Determination Request; Policies Concerning Outpatient Operating Room Increases, Cardiac Services and Imaging Equipment Replacement
SubTitle 19a-639a-1_19a-639a-6. Certificate of Need Application Process
SubTitle 19a-639b-1_19a-639b-2. Certificate of Need Expiration, Extension and Non-Transferability
SubTitle 19a-639c-1_19a-639c-2. Healthcare Facility Relocation; Certificate of Need
SubTitle 19a-639e-1_19a-639e-2. Termination of Healthcare Facility or Services; Certificate of Need
SubTitle 19a-643-1_19a-643-206. Administrative Regulations and Rules of Practice Description of Organization
SubTitle 19a-653-1_19a-653-4. Civil Penalties Assessed by the Office of Healthcare Access