Title19 Public Health and Safety  

SubTitle 19-1-1_19-1-49. RULES OF PRACTICE
SubTitle 19-2. Reporting Use of Production of Carcinogenic Substances
SubTitle 19-2a-1_19-2a-41. Rules of Practice
SubTitle 19-4. Minimum Standards for Approval of Public Health Laboratories
SubTitle 19-4g-1_19-4g-7. Licensing of Private Residential Facilities for Mentally Retarded
SubTitle 19-6a-1_19-6a-7. Use of Records of the Health Department for Research
SubTitle 19-13-A1_19-13-A59. Public Health Code of the State of Connecticut
SubTitle 19-13-B1_19-13-B-113. CHAPTER II
SubTitle 19-13-C1_19-13-C23. The Public Health Code of the State of Connecticut
SubTitle 19-13-D1_19-13-D105. The Public Health Code of the State of Connecticut
SubTitle 19-13-E1_19-13-E54. The Public Health Code of the State of Connecticut
SubTitle 19-13-F1_19-13-F6. The Public Health Code of the State of Connecticut
SubTitle 19-13-G1_19-13-G38. The Public Health Code of the State of Connecticut
SubTitle 19-21e. Indicators of High Risk of Infant Hearing Impairment
SubTitle 19-24-1_19-24-14. Radiation Sources and Radioactive Materials
SubTitle 19-25a-1_19-25a-5. X-Ray Devices used for Diagnosis and Therapy
SubTitle 19-25d-1_19-25d-11. X-Ray Devices used for Diagnosis and Therapy
SubTitle 19-29b-1_19-29b-5. Occupational Information in the Connecticut Tumor Registry
SubTitle 19-30-1_19-30-5. Standard Procedures Governing Expenditure of Special Cancer Funds
SubTitle 19-36-1_19-36-2. Connecticut Tumor Registry
SubTitle 19-49. Transportation of Bodies of Deceased Persons
SubTitle 19-66-1_19-66-17. Requirements, Specifications and Tolerances for Clinical Thermometers
SubTitle 19-66c-1_19-66c-3. Compressed Air Used in Self-contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus
SubTitle 19-73a-1_19-73a-91. Description of Organization
SubTitle 19-73o-1_19-73o-18. Budget Review Regulations for Short-Term Acute Care Hospitals not exempt from Annual Budget Review
SubTitle 19-73r-1_19-73r-9. Exemption from Detailed Annual Budget Review for Short-Term Acute Care Hospitals
SubTitle 19-73w-1_19-73w-407. Emergency Medical Services
SubTitle 19-139a. Donation of Bodies for Medical Study
SubTitle 19-170a-1_19-170a-27. Description of Organization
SubTitle 19-183c-1_19-183c-2. Compliance with Flour Enrichment Standards
SubTitle 19-204a-1_19-204a-44. Frozen Desserts and Frozen Dessert Mix
SubTitle 19-207-1_19-207-8. Frozen Food Regulations
SubTitle 19-210e-1_19-210e-8. Unit Pricing of Consumer Commodities
SubTitle 19-210h-1_19-210h-12. Specifications and Test Standards for Clinical Thermometers
SubTitle 19-221-1_19-221-8. Sanitary Standards in Retail Food Establishments
SubTitle 19-222-1_19-222-6. The Labeling of Cuts of Meat Sold by Retail Food Establishments
SubTitle 19-234-1_19-234-27. Connecticut Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act
SubTitle 19-241-1_19-241-2. Posting of Prescription Price Information
SubTitle 19-245-1_19-245-2. Classification of Narcotic Drugs
SubTitle 19-258-1_19-258-7. Minimum Security and Safeguard Standards for Storage and Handling of Narcotic Drugs
SubTitle 19-263a. Removal of Exempt Status of Certain Narcotic Preparations
SubTitle 19-277-1_19-277-3. Dietary Beverages
SubTitle 19-281-1_19-281-10. Manufacture of Apple Cider and Apple Juice
SubTitle 19-288-1_19-288-7. Bakeshops and Bakery Products
SubTitle 19-293-1_19-293-6. Insecticides and Fungicides
SubTitle 19-297-1_19-297-14. Sodium Fluoroacetate (Compound 1080)
SubTitle 19-300b-1_19-300b-5. Pesticide Control
SubTitle 19-300e. Coloring of Pesticides
SubTitle 19-300m. Financial Responsibility of Aircraft Operators Applying Pesticides or Fertilizers
SubTitle 19-300p-1_19-300p-19. Sodium Fluoroacetate (Compound 1080)
SubTitle 19-300t-1_19-300t-13. Sodium Fluoroacetate (Compound 1080)
SubTitle 19-301-1_19-301-4. Labeling of Hazardous Substances
SubTitle 19-327-1_19-327-208. Boxing and Wrestling
SubTitle 19-341i-1_19-341i-8. Health Clubs
SubTitle 19-394a-1_19-394a-10. The Use of Christmas Trees and Decorative Material in all Premises Under The Regulatory Authority of The Labor Commissioner
SubTitle 19-395. State Building Code
SubTitle 19-395a. Making Buildings Accessible to, and Usable by, The Physically Handicapped
SubTitle 19-399-1_19-399-26. Connecticut Board of Materials Review
SubTitle 19-403b-1_19-403b-11. Organization
SubTitle 19-409d-51_19-409d-57. Transport of Radioactive Material
SubTitle 19-410-A1_19-410-B89. Elevators and Escalators
SubTitle 19-411-C1_19-411-C25. Vertical Wheelchair Iifts
SubTitle 19-418c. Passenger Tramway Safety
SubTitle 19-423-1_19-423-32. Bedding and Upholstered Furniture
SubTitle 19-428-1_19-428-99. Boiler Design, Construction, Installation, Repair, Use and Operation
SubTitle 19-451-1_19-451-6. Designation of Controlled Drugs
SubTitle 19-451a-1_19-451a-11. Storage and Retrieval of Prescription Information for Controlled Substances
SubTitle 19-461. Record Keeping for Controlled Drugs
SubTitle 19-469-1_19-469-15. Minimum Security and Safeguard Requirements for Storage and Handling of Controlled Substances
SubTitle 19-488-1_19-488-22. Standards for Certification of the Community Treatment Programs which may Administer Controlled Drugs
SubTitle 19-504u-1_19-504u-5. Registration of Practitioners for Controlled Substances
SubTitle 19-508-1_19-508-200. Abatement of Air Pollution
SubTitle 19-524-1_19-524-14. Solid Waste Management
SubTitle 19-525-1_19-525-25. Administrative Procedures
SubTitle 19-559. Banned Hazardous Substances
SubTitle 19-565. Repurchase of Banned Hazardous Substances
SubTitle 19-569h-1_19-569h-8. Licensure of Private Dwellings as Community Training Homes for the Mentally Retarded
SubTitle 19-570-1_19-570-67. Rules of Practice
SubTitle 19-575a-1_19-575a-6. Rights of Persons Under the Supervision of the Commissioner of Mental Retardation
SubTitle 19-575g-1_19-575g-8. Establishment of a Special School District Within the Department of Mental Retardation
SubTitle 19-610-1_19-610-2. Classification of Civil Penalty Violations for Chronic and Convalescent Nursing Homes and Rest Homes with Nursing Supervision