Title17b Social Services  

SubTitle 17b-3-1_17b-3-6. Child Care Subsidy Programs
SubTitle 17b-4(a)-1_17b-4(a)-6. Community-Based Services
SubTitle 17b-10. Uniform Policy Manual
SubTitle 17b-27-1_17b-27-8. Hospital-based Acknowledgment of Paternity
SubTitle 17b-34-1_17b-34-9. Electronic Health Records Incentive Program
SubTitle 17b-78. The General Assistance Policy Manual
SubTitle 17b-102-01_17b-102-04. Requirements for Providing Financial Incentive for the Reporting of Vendor Fraud
SubTitle 17b-112f. Safety Net Services Account
SubTitle 17b-179(a)-1_17b-179(a)-4. Title IV-D Child Support Enforcement Program
SubTitle 17b-179(b)-1_17b-179(b)-2. Child Support and Arrearage Guidelines
SubTitle 17b-179(f). Title IV-D Child Support Enforcement Program
SubTitle 17b-179(i). Title IV-D Child Support Enforcement Program
SubTitle 17b-179(m)-1_17b-179(m)-13. Title IV-D Child Support Enforcement Program
SubTitle 17b-179b-1_17b-179b-4. Title IV-D Child Support Enforcement Program
SubTitle 17b-192-1_17b-192-12. Requirements for Payments of Services Provided under the State Administered General Assistance Program
SubTitle 17b-198-1_17b-198-19. The State-Administered General Assistance Program
SubTitle 17b-262-1_17b-262-966. Requirements for Payment of Home Health Agencies
SubTitle 17b-342-1_17b-342-5. Connecticut Home Care Program for Elders, Standards for Access Agencies and Assisted Living Service Agencies Program Requirements
SubTitle 17b-349e-1_17b-349e-9. Connecticut Statewide Respite Care Program
SubTitle 17b-363a. Return of Drug Products to Pharmacies
SubTitle 17b-411-1_17b-411-14. Office of the State Long-Term Care Ombudsman
SubTitle 17b-423-1_17b-423-19. Title III of the Older Americans Act
SubTitle 17b-461-1_17b-461-9. Protective Services for the Elderly
SubTitle 17b-533-1_17b-533-11. Management of Continuing Care Facilities
SubTitle 17b-605-1a_17b-605-18a. Personal Care Assistance Program
SubTitle 17b-616-1_17b-616-26. Family Support Grant Program
SubTitle 17b-653-1_17b-653-24. Bureau of Rehabilitation Services
SubTitle 17b-666-1_17b-666-6. Employment Opportunities
SubTitle 17b-749-01_17b-749-23. Child Care Assistance Program
SubTitle 17b-800-1_17b-800-7. Emergency Shelter Services
SubTitle 17b-802-1_17b-802-12. Security Deposit Program
SubTitle 17b-811a-1_17b-811a-8. Transitionary Rental Assistance Program
SubTitle 17b-812-1_17b-812-14. Rental Assistance Program