Title 17a. Social & Human Services & Resources  

Sec. 17a-6(g)-1 to 17a-6(g)-16. Administration of Medication in Day Programs and Residential Facilities by Trained Persons
Sec. 17a-7-1 to 17a-7-11. Placement of Children and Youth on Aftercare
Sec. 17a-7a-1 to 17a-7a-9. Standard Leave and Release Policies for Juvenile Offenders
Sec. 17a-11-1 to 17a-11-27. Voluntary Admissions to the Department of a Child or  Youth in Residential Facilities Administered by, or Under Contract with, or Otherwise Available to the Department
Sec. 17a-12-1 to 17a-12-6. Hearings on Placement of Children and Youth in State Operated Mental Health Facilities
Sec. 17a-15-1 to 17a-15-11. Treatment Plan and Hearings
Sec. 17a-16-1 to 17a-16-18. Rights of Children and Youth Under the Supervision of the Commissioner of Children and Families
Sec. 17a-17-1 to 17a-17-16. Single Cost Accounting System for Payment of Room and Board and Educational Expenses
Sec. 17a-20-1 to 17a-20-61. Department Assistance to Psychiatric Clinics and Community Health Facilities
Sec. 17a-22-1 to 17a-22-5. Department Aid to Day Treatment Centers for Emotionally Disturbed, Mentally Ill, and Autistic Children and Youth
Sec. 17a-39-1 to 17a-39-11. Youth Service Bureaus Standards and Funding
Sec. 17a-42-1 to 17a-42-5. Establishment of a Photo Listing Service for Children Legally Free for Adoption
Sec. 17a-50-1 to 17a-50-7. Children's Trust Fund
Sec. 17a-90-1 to 17a-90-13. Fair Hearings
Sec. 17a-90(b)-1 to 17a-90(b)-10. Non-Committed Treatment Program
Sec. 17a-98-1 to 17a-98-9. Removal Hearings - Removal of a Child from a Foster Home
Sec. 17a-100-1 to 17a-100-14. Removal Hearings for Out of Home Care Providers
Sec. 17a-101-1 to 17a-101-13. Use and Operation of the Child Abuse and Neglect Registry
Sec. 17a-101(e)-1 to 17a-101(e)-6. Reports of Child Abuse or Neglect
Sec. 17a-101k-1 to 17a-101k-16. Child Abuse and Neglect Registry
Sec. 17a-114-1 to 17a-114-25. Relative Licensing
Sec. 17a-116-1 to 17a-116-14. Subsidized Adoption of Special Needs Children
Sec. 17a-120-1 to 17a-120-9. Medical Expense Subsidy for Adoptive Parents
Sec. 17a-126-1 to 17a-126-23. Subsidized Guardianship
Sec. 17a-145-1 to 17a-145-160. Operation of Child-Caring Agencies and Facilities
Sec. 17a-147-1 to 17a-147-36. Licensing of Extended Day Treatment Programs
Sec. 17a-150-1 to 17a-150-123. Operation of Child Placing Agencies Child Placing Agencies
Sec. 17a-155-1 to 17a-155-35. Licensing of Permanent Family Residences
Sec. 17a-210-1 to 17a-210-15. Administration of Medications: Residential Facilities, Respite Centers, Day Programs, Community Training Homes, and Individual and Family Supports
Sec. 17a-212-1 to 17a-212-5. Criteria for Determining Eligibility for Services/Criteria Used in Selecting which Eligible Persons will Receive Services and in Selecting Private Sector Service Providers
Sec. 17a-212a-1 to 17a-212a-4. Placement and Care of Clients Who Pose a Serious Threat to Others
Sec. 17a-218-1 to 17a-218-23. Community Base Housing Subsidy Program for Eligible Clients of the Department of Mental Retardation
Sec. 17a-227-1 to 17a-227-37. Licensing of Community Living Arrangements, Residential Schools and Habilitative Nursing Facilities
Sec. 17a-230-1 to 17a-230-15. Funding Program for Privately Operated Community Residences for Mentally Retarded Persons
Sec. 17a-238-1 to 17a-238-13. Rights of Persons Under the Supervision of the Commissioner of Mental Retardation
Sec. 17a-244-1 to 17a-244-8. Unified School District #3
Sec. 17a-247e-1 to 17a-247e-9. Abuse and Neglect Registry
Sec. 17a-248-1 to 17a-248-14. Early Intervention Services for Infants and Toddlers and Their Families
Sec. 17a-301-1 to 17a-301-12. Promotion of Independent Living for the Elderly Program
Sec. 17a-306-1 to 17a-306-45. Community Services Policy Manual for Title III Programs of the Older Americans Act
Sec. 17a-345-1 to 17a-345-111. Connecticut Pharmaceutical Assistance Contract to the Elderly and the Disabled (ConnPACE)
Sec. 17a-373-1 to 17a-373-11. Management of Continuing Care Facilities
Sec. 17a-392-1 to 17a-392-14. A Patient's Right to Certain Information Prior to a Treatment by a Physician, Establishing the Connecticut Medicare Assignment Program and a Task Force to Develop a Medicare Supplementary Catastrophic Health Coverage Plan
Sec. 17a-430-1 to 17a-430-9. Protective Services for the Elderly
Sec. 17a-451(c)-1 to 17a-451(c)-5. Personal Data
Sec. 17a-451(t)-1 to 17a-451(t)-19. Fair Hearing Policy
Sec. 17a-453(a)-1 to 17a-453(a)-19. General Assistance Behavioral Health Program
Sec. 17a-453(i)-1 to 17a-453(i)-3. Treatment by Prayer Alone
Sec. 17a-581-1 to 17a-581-59. General Operations and Procedures
Sec. 17a-636-1 to 17a-636-62. Maintenance and Disclosure of Personal Data
Sec. 17a-647-1 to 17a-647-9. Group Homes for Recovering Substance Abusers