Title 17. Public Assistance & Welfare Services  

Sec. 17-2-1 to 17-2-215. Public Assistance
Sec. 17-2a-1 to 17-2b-3. Fair Hearings
Sec. 17-2d-1 to 17-2e-1. Eligibility of Nonresidents Applying for Aid
Sec. 17-3a-1 to 17-3a-42a. Provisions of Emergency Shelter Services to General Assistance Applicants and Recipients by the Towns
Sec. 17-3f-1. Uniform Policy Manual
Sec. 17-3g-1. Statewide Listing of Income Maintenance Offices
Sec. 17-3h-1. Statewide Income Maintenance Offices Coverage
Sec. 17-11-1 to 17-11-2. Protective Payments
Sec. 17-12a-1 to 17-12a-28. Food Stamp Basis of Issuance and Allotment Reduction
Sec. 17-21t-1. Disclosures by Professional Solicitors
Sec. 17-31a-1 to 17-31a-5. Essential Services
Sec. 17-31aa-1 to 17-31aa-4. Before and After School Child Day Care Program
Sec. 17-31dd-1 to 17-31dd-4. Child Day Care Business Firm Tax Credit Program
Sec. 17-31ee-1 to 17-31ee-7. Loans to Corporations for Child Care Facilities
Sec. 17-31i(b)-1 to 17-31i(b)-2. Child Support Enforcement Program
Sec. 17-31jj-1 to 17-31jj-6. Security Deposits
Sec. 17-31k-1 to 17-31k-3. Shelter Services for Victims of Household Abuse
Sec. 17-31kk-1 to 17-31kk-7. Assistance to Homeless Persons with AIDS Pilot Program
Sec. 17-31l-1 to 17-31l-3. Reporting Incidents of Suspected Spouse Abuse
Sec. 17-31m-1 to 17-31m-19b. Personal Care Assistance for Handicapped Persons Program
Sec. 17-31n-1 to 17-31n-14. Parent Subsidy Aid
Sec. 17-31q-1 to 17-31q-23. Family Day Care Home Licensing
Sec. 17-31rr-1 to 17-31rr-12. Fair Hearings
Sec. 17-31v-1 to 17-31v-3. Provision of Grants to Public or Private Organizations or Agencies to Develop and Maintain Programs for Emergency Shelter Services for Homeless Individuals
Sec. 17-31w-1 to 17-31w-25. Crime Prevention and Safety Measures
Sec. 17-31z-1 to 17-31z-15. Bond Fund Grants to Establish Child Care Facilities for Children of Municipal and State Employees
Sec. 17-32-1 to 17-32-13. Fair Hearings
Sec. 17-32(b)-1 to 17-32(b)-10. Non-Committed Treatment Program
Sec. 17-37-1 to 17-37-9. Removal Hearings - Removal of a Child from a Foster Home
Sec. 17-38a-1 to 17-38a-13. Use and Operation of the Child Abuse and Neglect Registry
Sec. 17-38a(e)-1 to 17-38a(e)-6. Reports of Child Abuse or Neglect
Sec. 17-43c-1 to 17-43c-13. Relative Licensing
Sec. 17-44a-1 to 17-44a-14. Subsidized Adoptions of Hard-To-Place Children
Sec. 17-44e-1 to 17-44e-9. Medical Expense Subsidy for Adoptive Parents of Physically Handicapped Child
Sec. 17-48-1 to 17-48-129. Operation of Child-Caring Agencies and Facilities
Sec. 17-49a-1 to 17-49a-23. Child-Placing Agencies
Sec. 17-49b-1 to 17-49b-50. Operation of Child Placing Agencies Child Placing Agencies
Sec. 17-52b-1 to 17-52b-35. Licensing of Permanent Family Residences
Sec. 17-82b-1 to 17-82b-12. Cooperation in Obtaining Support and Good Cause for Refusing to Cooperate as a Condition of Eligibility in the Aid for Dependant Children (AFDC) Program
Sec. 17-82e-1 to 17-82e-17. The Connecticut Child Support and Enforcement Program as required under Title IV-D of the Social Security Act and in accordance with Section 17-82e of the Connecticut General Statutes
Sec. 17-82q-1 to 17-82q-6. Payment of Funeral and Burial Expenses of Beneficiaries of Public Assistance and Payment by Towns for Funeral and Burial Expenses
Sec. 17-83k-1 to 17-83k-7. Administrative Sanctions to be Invoked Against Vendors and/or Providers of Goods and Services Under the Title XIX (Medicaid) Program
Sec. 17-85-1 to 17-85-102. Eligibility of Pregnant Women for Aid to Families with Dependent Children
Sec. 17-86-1. Lien of Home Property - AFDC
Sec. 17-86a-1. Job Search Assistance Program
Sec. 17-87-1. Definition of Ability and Income of a Stepparent Which Shall be Considered Available for the Support of His Family
Sec. 17-109a-1 to 17-109a-2. Safeguarding Resident's Personal Funds Handled by Licensed Homes for the Aged
Sec. 17-134d-1 to 17-134d-149. Medical Assistance
Sec. 17-136d-1 to 17-136d-55. An Act Creating a Nursing Home Omsbudsman Office
Sec. 17-136i-1 to 17-136i-19. Community Services Policy Manual for Title III Programs of the Older Americans Act
Sec. 17-174-1 to 17-174-7. Licensure of Private Dwellings as Community Residences for the Mentally Retarded
Sec. 17-183-1 to 17-183-2. Reporting of Statistics by Private Facilities
Sec. 17-191-1 to 17-191-10. Boarding Homes for Mental Patients
Sec. 17-205a-1 to 17-205a-3. Transportion of Mentally Ill or Alcohol-Dependent Persons
Sec. 17-210a-1 to 17-210a-52. Rules of Practice
Sec. 17-210a(p)-1 to 17-210a(p)-4. Duties of the Commissioner of Mental Health
Sec. 17-215-1 to 17-215-7. Norwich Hospital
Sec. 17-225-1 to 17-225-5. Certification Standards for Mental Health Facilities
Sec. 17-226b-1 to 17-226b-7. Minimum Standards for Eligibility to Receive State Funds
Sec. 17-226c-1 to 17-226c-17. Regional Mental Health Planning Councils
Sec. 17-226d-1 to 17-226d-11. Minimum Standards of Eligibility for Commission Funding for Private Nonprofit Organizations and Municipalities
Sec. 17-226l-1 to 17-226l-9. Regional Mental Health Boards
Sec. 17-227-1 to 17-227-65. Licensure of Hospitals of Mentally Ill Patients
Sec. 17-257b-1 to 17-257b-57. General Operations and Procedures
Sec. 17-273-1 to 17-273-11. Administration of the General Assistance Program
Sec. 17-274-1 to 17-274-17. A General Assistance Medical Aid Program
Sec. 17-278-1. Administration of the General Assistance Program
Sec. 17-281a-1 to 17-281a-4. A Mandatory Work, Education and Training Program for Employable General Assistance Recipients
Sec. 17-286-1. Burial
Sec. 17-292d-1. Hearings for General Assistance Recipients
Sec. 17-295-1. Billing for Support of Patients in State Training Schools
Sec. 17-311-1 to 17-311-209. Cost Related Reimbursement System for Long-Term Care Facilities
Sec. 17-312-101 to 17-312-203. Title XIX Payments to Hospitals, Including Principles of Hospital Cost Reimbursement and Rates of Payment for Administratively Necessary Days
Sec. 17-313b-1 to 17-313b-18. Establishment of Rates for Community Living Arrangements Licensed by the Department of Mental Retardation
Sec. 17-411-1 to 17-411-15. Organization of Department of Children and Youth Services
Sec. 17-415a-1 to 17-415a-11. Placement of Children and Youth on Aftercare
Sec. 17-415(g)-1 to 17-415(g)-16. Employee Personnel Files
Sec. 17-419-1 to 17-419-3. Voluntary Admissions to the Department of a Child or Youth in Residential Facilities Administered by, or Under Contract with, or Otherwise Available to the Department
Sec. 17-420-1 to 17-420-6. Hearings on Placement of Children and Youth in State Operated Mental Health Facilities 
Sec. 17-421-1 to 17-421-11. Treatment Plan and Hearings
Sec. 17-421a-1 to 17-421a-16. Single Cost Accounting System for Payment of Room and Board and Educational Expenses
Sec. 17-424-1 to 17-424-5. Department Assistance to Psychiatric Clinics and Community Health Facilities
Sec. 17-425-1 to 17-425-5. Department Aid to Day Treatment Centers for Emotionally Disturbed, Mentally Ill and Autistic Children and Youth
Sec. 17-440-1 to 17-440-18. Rights of Children and Youth under the Supervision of the Commissioner of Children and Youth Services
Sec. 17-443-1 to 17-443-11. Youth Services Bureau Standards and Funding
Sec. 17-444-1 to 17-444-5. Establishment of Photo-listing Service for Children Legally Free for Adoption
Sec. 17-446a-1 to 17-446a-7. The Children's Trust Fund
Sec. 17-470-1 to 17-470-12. Community Action Agencies
Sec. 17-478-1 to 17-478-9. Opportunities Industrialization Center
Sec. 17-516-1 to 17-516-111. Connecticut Pharmaceutical Assistance Contract to the Elderly and Disabled (ConnPACE)
Sec. 17-548-1 to 17-548-11. Management of Continuing Care Facilities
Sec. 17-563-1 to 17-563-14. A Patient's Right to Certain Information Prior to Treatment by a Physician, Establishing the Connecticut Medicare Assignment Program and a Task Force to Develop a Medicare Supplementary Catastrophic Health Coverage Plan
Sec. 17-570-1 to 17-570-6. Community-Based Services
Sec. 17-578(a)-1. Title IV-D Child Support Enforcement Program
Sec. 17-578(b)-1 to 17-578(b)-2. Support Standards - Child Support Guidelines
Sec. 17-578(f)-1. Title IV-D Child Support Enforcement Program
Sec. 17-578(i)-1. Title IV-D Child Support Enforcement Program
Sec. 17-578(l)-1 to 17-578(l)-11. Child Support Program Performance Standards
Sec. 17-578(m)-1 to 17-578(m)-13. Title IV-D Child Support Enforcement Program
Sec. 17-578(p)-1 to 17-578(p)-5. Late Payment Fees in Title IV-D Cases
Sec. 17-581-1a to 17-581-18a. Personal Care Assistance Program
Sec. 17-582-1 to 17-582-26. Parent Subsidy Aid
Sec. 17-585-1 to 17-585-16. Family Day Care Registration
Sec. 17-590-1 to 17-590-7. Emergency Shelters
Sec. 17-591(a)-1 to 17-591(a)-25. Energy Assistance
Sec. 17-599-1 to 17-599-15. Security Deposit Program
Sec. 17-603-1 to 17-603-13. Fair Hearings
Sec. 17-606a-1 to 17-606a-11. An Assistive Technology Revolving Fund
Sec. 17-615-1 to 17-615-10. Child Day Care Business Firm Tax Credits
Sec. 17-619-1 to 17-619-16. Eviction Prevention