Title 16. Public Service companies  

Sec. 16-1-1 to 16-1-133. Rules of Practice
Sec. 16-2-1 to 16-2-25. Description of Organization
Sec. 16-3-100 to 16-3-200. Termination of Electric, Gas, Water and Sewage Utility Service
Sec. 16-8-1 to 16-8-4. Generally Accepted Management Audit Standards Consultant Standards and Ethics for Performance of Management Analysis
Sec. 16-8a-1 to 16-8a-6. Protection of Whistle-Blowers
Sec. 16-10a-1 to 16-10a-3. Excessive Rates Pursuant to Public Act 94-219
Sec. 16-11-1 to 16-11-238. Gas Companies Operating Within the State of Connecticut
Sec. 16-16-1 to 16-16-4. Requirements of Public Service Companies and Electric Suppliers To Report Accidents
Sec. 16-19cc-1 to 16-19cc-2. Procedures for the Projected Availability of all Generating Facilities Over 100 MW by Electric Public Service Companies
Sec. 16-19d-1 to 16-19d-4. Promotion or Marketing of Efficient Gas or Electric Equipment
Sec. 16-27-1 to 16-27-10. Uniform System of Accounts
Sec. 16-32a-1. Filing of Procurement Policies and Practices
Sec. 16-32g-1. Electric Company Line Maintenance
Sec. 16-35-1. Appeal Bond
Sec. 16-43-1 to 16-43-3. Approval by the Department of Public Utility Control for the Disposition of Certain Assets of Public Service Companies
Sec. 16-46-1 to 16-46-2. Petitions and Applications, Sec. 16-46, Gen. Stat.
Sec. 16-47-1 to 16-47-5. Petitions and Applications, Sec. 16-47, Gen. Stat.
Sec. 16-47a-1 to 16-47a-12. Gas Code of Conduct
Sec. 16-50j-1 to 16-50j-91. Rules of Practice
Sec. 16-50l-1 to 16-50l-5. Applications
Sec. 16-50v-1 to 16-50v-4. Rules of Practice-Fees
Sec. 16-50z-1 to 16-50z-4. Acquisition of Real Property
Sec. 16-140-1 to 16-140-33. Clearances on Railroads With Reference to Overhead and Side Structures and Parallel Tracks
Sec. 16-235-1. Petitions and Applications
Sec. 16-243-1 to 16-243-12. Construction and Maintenance Standards Governing Traffic Signals Attached to Public Service Company Poles
Sec. 16-243a-1 to 16-243a-7. Contract Procedures Pertaining to Electric Public Service Companies for Private Power Producers and Private Power Providers
Sec. 16-244c-1 to 16-244c-14. Competitive Bidding Process for Electric Distribution Companies’ Procurement of Default and Back-up Electric Generation Services
Sec. 16-244h-1 to 16-244h-7. Code of Conduct For Electric Distribution Companies
Sec. 16-245-1 to 16-245-6. Licensing Electric Suppliers
Sec. 16-245a-1 to 16-245a-2. Administration of Renewable Energy Portfolio Requirements
Sec. 16-245c-1 to 16-245c-4. Municipal Electric Utilities to Become Participating Municipal Electric Utilities
Sec. 16-245d-1 to 16-245d-2. Standard Billing Format for Electric Distribution Companies
Sec. 16-247c-1 to 16-247c-6. Ancillary Specialized Telecommunications Services
Sec. 16-247d-1 to 16-247d-8. Compensation to Owners of Occupied Buildings
Sec. 16-247g-1 to 16-247g-9. Quality of Service Regulations for Connecticut Telephone and Certified Telecommunications Providers
Sec. 16-250b-1 to 16-250b-5. Conditions, Standards and Procedures for Regulating Cellular Mobile Telephone Service
Sec. 16-258b-1 to 16-258b-2. Registration of Electric Generators
Sec. 16-261-1. Petitions and Applications
Sec. 16-262j-1. Security Deposits Required by Gas or Electric Companies
Sec. 16-262m-1 to 16-262m-9. Certificates of Convenience and Necessity for Small Water Companies
Sec. 16-262o-1 to 16-262o-8. Rate Surcharges for Water Company Acquisitions
Sec. 16-271-1 to 16-271-38. Natural Gas Pipe Line Companies
Sec. 16-304-A1 to 16-304-F29. Motor Carriers
Sec. 16-319-1 to 16-319-20. Taxicab Operation
Sec. 16-325-1 to 16-325-26. Livery Service
Sec. 16-331a-1 to 16-331a-13. Community Access Support
Sec. 16-333-1 to 16-333-54. Construction and Maintenance Standards and Terms and Conditions of Operations of Community Antenna Television
Sec. 16-333b-1. Waiver of Time Requirement for Underground Installation of CATV Service Lines
Sec. 16-333e-1 to 16-333e-3. Viewing Time Reliability Standards and Schedules for Credits or Refunds for CATV Service
Sec. 16-333f-1 to 16-333f-3. Planned Programming Change and Rate Change Notification
Sec. 16-333i-1. Substandard CATV Service
Sec. 16-345-1 to 16-345-9. Excavation Near Underground Utility Facilities