Title14 Motor Vehicles. Use of the Highway by Vehicles. Gasoline  

SubTitle 14-1-1_14-1-7. Camp Trailers
SubTitle 14-3. Personal Data
SubTitle 14-11a-1_14-11a-26. Issuance and Use of Suppressed Motor Vehicle Licenses
SubTitle 14-11d-1_14-11d-7. Fire Apparatus
SubTitle 14-12-1_14-12-6. Scooters and Motor-Equipped Bicycles
SubTitle 14-12i-1_14-12i-3. Automobile Insurance Enforcement Account
SubTitle 14-15-1_14-15-9. Leasing or Renting of Motor Vehicles
SubTitle 14-15a-1_14-15a-2. Transfer of Special Registration Number Plates to Leased Motor Vehicles
SubTitle 14-16c-1_14-16c-3. Submission of Copies of Titles for Totalled Motor Vehicles and the Transfer of Totalled Motor Vehicles on the Original Certificate of Title: Appraiser’s Damage Report
SubTitle 14-18-1_14-18-2. The Use of Signs and Plates
SubTitle 14-19a-1_14-19a-9. Standards for the Issuance of Special Number Plates
SubTitle 14-21e-1_14-21e-8. Fees and Standards for Issuing Long Island Sound Commemorative Number Plates and Donations and Contributions to the Lighthouse Preservation Account
SubTitle 14-21f-1_14-21f-6. Fees and Standards for Issuing "Keep Kids Safe" Motor Vehicle Number Plates
SubTitle 14-21h-1_14-21h-7. Standards for Issuing Animal Population Commemorative Number Plates
SubTitle 14-21i-1_14-21i-6. Standards for Issuing Greenways Commemorative Number Plates
SubTitle 14-21j-1_14-21j-6. Standards for Issuing Amistad Commemorative Number Plates
SubTitle 14-26. Public Service Motor Vehicles
SubTitle 14-33-1_14-33-8. Municipal Parking Tickets Program
SubTitle 14-34a-1_14-34a-2. International Registration Plan
SubTitle 14-35-1_14-35-8a. General Distinguishing Numbers
SubTitle 14-36-1_14-36-4. Application of Minor for Operator’s License and Registration
SubTitle 14-36a-1_14-36a-2. Restrictions on Drivers' Licenses and Commercial Drivers' Licenses
SubTitle 14-36f-1_14-36f-17. Driver’s Education in Secondary Schools
SubTitle 14-36g-1_14-36g-2. Teen Driving Exemptions for Single Parents Under Eighteen Years of Age
SubTitle 14-37a-1_14-37a-10. Special Operator’s Permits
SubTitle 14-44-1_14-44-7. Minimum Physical Standards for Operators of Public Service Motor Vehicles and Service Buses
SubTitle 14-45a-1_14-45a-17. Health Standards for Licensing Decisions for Operators of Motor Vehicles
SubTitle 14-48c-1_14-48c-3. Registration of Motor Vehicles Engaged in Seasonal Operations
SubTitle 14-49-1_14-49-6. The Operation Of Federally-Owned Vehicles Consigned To The Connecticut National Guard
SubTitle 14-63-1_14-63-50. Motor Vehicle Dealers and Repairers Licensing and Operation
SubTitle 14-65-1_14-65-5. Motor Vehicle Auctions
SubTitle 14-65j-1_14-65j-3. Signs Required to be Displayed by Motor Vehicle Repairers
SubTitle 14-66. Identification of Motor Vehicle Wreckers
SubTitle 14-67a-1_14-67a-4. Availability of Motor Vehicle Replacement Parts
SubTitle 14-67d-1_14-67d-7. General Distinguishing Numbers
SubTitle 14-67j-1_14-67j-10. Licensing of Intermediate Processors and Processed Vehicle Haulers
SubTitle 14-67l. Supplemental Identification for Special Marker Plates
SubTitle 14-67q-1_14-67q-18. Motor Vehicle Recyclers
SubTitle 14-78-1_14-78-52. Commercial Driving Schools
SubTitle 14-80-1_14-80-6. Brakes
SubTitle 14-80a-1_14-80a-10a. Maximum Permissible Noise Levels for Vehicles
SubTitle 14-80h-1_14-80h-8. Safety Standards for Truck Brakes
SubTitle 14-84-1_14-84-14. Spot Lights and Auxiliary Lights
SubTitle 14-88. Width Lights or Reflectors
SubTitle 14-94. Emergency Vehicles
SubTitle 14-96aa. Auxiliary Lighting on Motor Vehicles Equipped For Snow Removal
SubTitle 14-98a-1_14-98a-4. Tires
SubTitle 14-99g-1_14-99g-8. Requirements for Approval for Aftermarket Tinted or Reflectorized Glazing
SubTitle 14-100. Safety Glass Standard
SubTitle 14-100a. Child Passenger Restraint Systems
SubTitle 14-103b-1_14-103b-5. High-Mileage Vehicles
SubTitle 14-103c. Identification of Motor Vehicles Fueled by Liquid Propane Gas Sec. 14-103c-1.
SubTitle 14-103d-1_14-103d-6. Use of Pressurized Gases as Motor Vehicle Fuels
SubTitle 14-108. Accidents Involving Nonlicensed Operators
SubTitle 14-111g-1_14-111g-14. Standards and Procedures for Retraining of Motor Vehicle Operators
SubTitle 14-111i-1_14-111i-6. Standards and Procedures for Participation in the Driver License Agreement
SubTitle 14-137-1_14-137-127. Radar Detecting Devices
SubTitle 14-137a-1_14-137a-9. Assessment of Points Against an Operator’s License for Motor Vehicle Law Violations
SubTitle 14-150-1_14-150-15. Hearings Procedures for Motor Vehicles Taken into Custody Pursuant to Section 14-150
SubTitle 14-150b. Manner for Determining Reimbursement to Municipalities
SubTitle 14-151a. Report of Stolen Motor Vehicles
SubTitle 14-159-1_14-159-2. Operators’ Licenses or Registration Fees—Refunds
SubTitle 14-163c-1_14-163c-12. Motor Carrier Safety Regulations
SubTitle 14-164a-1_14-164a-17. Minimum Safety Requirements for Motor Vehicle Racing or Exhibitions of Speed or Skill
SubTitle 14-164c-1_14-164c-18a. Periodic Motor Vehicle Emissions Inspection and Maintenance
SubTitle 14-164i-1_14-164i-11. Diesel-Powered Commercial Motor Vehicle Emissions Standards
SubTitle 14-166. Titling of Motor Vehicles Manufactured Prior To 1981
SubTitle 14-174-1_14-174-5. Branding of Motor Vehicle Titles
SubTitle 14-212-1_14-212-29. Use of Divided Controlled Access Highways and Bridges
SubTitle 14-217. Taking Possession of Operators’ Licenses by Certain State and Local Authorities
SubTitle 14-227a-1_14-227a-10b. Measurement of Alcohol in Blood, Breath or Urine
SubTitle 14-227b-1_14-227b-29a. Administrative Procedures for "Per Se" Suspension of Motor Vehicle Operator’s License
SubTitle 14-227f-1_14-227f-12. Standards for Substance Abuse Treatment Program
SubTitle 14-253a-1_14-253a-27. Special License Plates and Placards for Persons Who are Blind or Persons with Disabilities
SubTitle 14-261-1_14-261-3. Towed Motor Vehicles
SubTitle 14-261a-1_14-261a-11. Requirements for the Issuance of a Class 1A Operator’s License and Administrative Penalty for Operating a Commercial Vehicle Combination without Such License
SubTitle 14-268-1_14-268-7. Weight of, and Route Restrictions for, Vehicles and Trailers
SubTitle 14-270-1_14-270-25. Oversize/Overweight Vehicle Permit Regulations
SubTitle 14-271a-1_14-271a-2. Frame Weakening Standards
SubTitle 14-275-1_14-275-46. Construction, Equipment and Seating Standards of School Buses
SubTitle 14-275a-1_14-275a-87. Minimum Requirements for Type II (Type 2) School Bus Construction and Equipment
SubTitle 14-275b-1_14-275b-149. Minimum Requirements for Type I School Bus Construction and Equipment (On or after April 1, 1977, and before October 1, 1988)
SubTitle 14-275c-1_14-275c-53. Minimum Requirements for Inspection, Maintenance and Repair of School Buses and Student Transportation Vehicles
SubTitle 14-275d. Exemption Procedures for School Bus Construction and Equipment Standards
SubTitle 14-276-1_14-276-5. School Bus Driver Training Requirements
SubTitle 14-276a-1_14-276a-15. School Bus and Student Transportation Vehicle Driver Training Requirements
SubTitle 14-280-1_14-280-3. Standards for the Construction and Attachment of Portable Signs on Vehicles Transporting Children
SubTitle 14-283a-1_14-283a-4. Uniform Statewide Pursuit Policy
SubTitle 14-289d. Protection of Vision for Motorcycle Operators
SubTitle 14-289e-1_14-289e-2. Helmets for Operators and Passengers on Motorcycles
SubTitle 14-289g. Protective Headgear for Operators and Passengers of Motorcycles
SubTitle 14-289j. Proper Use of Mini-Motorcycles
SubTitle 14-293b-1_14-293b-2. Responsibility of a Motor Vehicle Operator When Approaching a Person Riding a Horse
SubTitle 14-298-1_14-298-911. State Traffic Administration
SubTitle 14-307-1_14-307-8. Notice Required to Owners and Lienholders of Motor Vehicles Upon Towing by Police or Traffic Authority and Upon Sale or Other Disposition of Motor Vehicles
SubTitle 14-312. Certificate of Operation
SubTitle 14-327d-1_14-327d-11. Motor Fuel Quality Testing Standards
SubTitle 14-332-1_14-332-7. Sale of Gasoline and Motor Oil
SubTitle 14-344c. Operation of Retail Service Stations by Producers or Refiners for Limited Time Periods
SubTitle 14-389-1_14-389-6. Snowmobiles
SubTitle Correlated-Table_14-65d-5. Concerning the Signs Required to Be Displayed By Motor Vehicle Repairers