Title 13b. Transportation  

Sec. 13b-17-1 to 13b-17-308. Encroachment Permit Regulations
Sec. 13b-17a-1 to 13b-17a-12. Rules of Practice
Sec. 13b-17b-1 to 13b-17b-11. Department Organization and its General Course and Method of Operation
Sec. 13b-20a-1 to 13b-20a-25. Procedures for Hiring Consultants as Required by Public Act 79-53
Sec. 13b-29-1 to 13b-29-4. Use of DOT Commuter Parking Facilities
Sec. 13b-31c-1 to 13b-31c-5. Designation of Scenic Roads
Sec. 13b-31e-1 to 13b-31e-4. Designation of Scenic Roads
Sec. 13b-34-1 to 13b-34-3a. Bus Fares for Connecticut Transit Systems
Sec. 13b-38a-1 to 13b-38a-7. Traffic Management Plans and Programs
Sec. 13b-38b-1 to 13b-38b-5. Requirements and Standards for Rideshare Organizations’ Handicapped Programs
Sec. 13b-38f(b)-1 to 13b-38f(b)-5. Procedures for Implementing a Bus Shelter Construction Program As Required by Public Act 79-500
Sec. 13b-38o-1 to 13b-38o-17. Employee Commute Option Program
Sec. 13b-50p-1 to 13b-50p-6. Complaints Concerning Aircraft Landings and Takeoffs at Unlicensed Air Navigation Facilities
Sec. 13b-96-1 to 13b-96-51. Taxicab Rules of Operation
Sec. 13b-99-1 to 13b-99-8. Minimum Requirements for the Inspection and Repair of Taxicabs
Sec. 13b-283-1 to 13b-283-9. Maintenance and Repair of Orphan Bridges
Sec. 13b-345b-1 to 13b-345b-7. Maintenance, Inspection and Testing of Railroad Grade Crossing Signal Systems and Devices
Sec. 13b-354a-1 to 13b-354a-4. Removal of Debris From Railroad Rights-of-Way