Title 10. Education and Culture  

Sec. 10-3a-1 to 10-3a-5. Description of Organization
Sec. 10-4-1 to 10-4-26. Organization Description, Rules of Practice, Public Inspection
Sec. 10-4b-1 to 10-4b-10. Procedures to Implement Section 10-4b of the Connecticut General Statutes
Sec. 10-5-1 to 10-5-17. Issuance of State High School Diploma
Sec. 10-6-1 to 10-6-22. Licensing and Accrediting Institutions of Higher Learning
Sec. 10-7l-1 to 10-7l-15. Approval of Private Occupational Schools Requiring Certification
Sec. 10-8-1 to 10-8-17. Licensing of Schools Offering Training for Certain Occupations
Sec. 10-8a-1 to 10-8a-8. Exemption of Educational Institutions from Licensing Requirements by the Department of Children and Youth Services
Sec. 10-14l-1 to 10-14l-5. Private Occupational School Student Protection Fund
Sec. 10-14r-1 to 10-14r-8. Education Evaluation and Remedial Assistance
Sec. 10-17h-1 to 10-17h-15. Programs of Bilingual Education (Revised)
Sec. 10-19m-1 to 10-19m-10. The Youth Service Bureau Grant Program
Sec. 10-24d-1 to 10-24d-10. Driver Education Programs In Secondary Schools
Sec. 10-39-1 to 10-39-3. The Formation of a Regional School District
Sec. 10-63s-1 to 10-63s-2. Calculation of Weighted Vote of Members of a Regional Board of Education
Sec. 10-64-1 to 10-64-2. Operating Vocational Agriculture Programs
Sec. 10-65-1 to 10-65-8. Operating Vocational Agriculture Programs-Procedure
Sec. 10-66j-1 to 10-66j-7. Standards for the Review and Approval of Regional Educational Service Centers
Sec. 10-66mm-1 to 10-66mm-7. Operation of a Charter School
Sec. 10-75b-1 to 10-75c-1. Children Requiring Special Education: Mentally Retarded
Sec. 10-75g-1 to 10-75g-27. Children Requiring Special Education: Physically Handicapped; Multiple Handicapped; Speech and Hearing Handicapped
Sec. 10-76a-1 to 10-76l-1. Children Requiring Special Education
Sec. 10-91b-1 to 10-91b-16. Early Intervention Services for Infants and Toddlers and Their Families
Sec. 10-94j-1 to 10-94j-8. Appointment of Surrogate Parents
Sec. 10-95-1 to 10-95-5. Admission of Students to State Vocational-Technical Schools
Sec. 10-96-1 to 10-96-4. Grants-in-Aid for Industrial Arts Education
Sec. 10-102-1 to 10-102-22. Vocational Rehabilitation Services
Sec. 10-112-1 to 10-112-5. State College Scholarships
Sec. 10-116d-1 to 10-116d-11. College Continuation Grant Program
Sec. 10-116h-1 to 10-116h-4. Restricted Educational Achievement Grant Program
Sec. 10-116j-1 to 10-116j-7. Veterans Scholarship Aid to Independent Colleges
Sec. 10-116l-1 to 10-116l-26. Awarding of Student Financial Assistance for Postsecondary Study
Sec. 10-145a-1 to 10-145a-94. State Teachers Certificates
Sec. 10-145d-1 to 10-145d-805. Standards for the Issuance of a Certificate for the Position of School Business Administrator
Sec. 10-145f-1 to 10-145f-3. Application Fee for the Teacher Competency Examination
Sec. 10-145g-1. Reports of Child Abuse by a Certified School Employee
Sec. 10-146-1 to 10-146-101. State Teachers Certificates
Sec. 10-149-1 to 10-149-7. Coaching Permits
Sec. 10-153e-1 to 10-153e-63. School Board-Teacher Negotiations
Sec. 10-153f-1 to 10-153f-12. Impartial Arbitrator Selection
Sec. 10-160-1. Retirement Credit for Members Teaching Less Than Full Time
Sec. 10-164-1 to 10-164-15. Teacher Retirement
Sec. 10-166(h)-1. Implementing Methods of Payment as Enacted by P.A. 76-206 which Will Allow Teachers to Purchase Previously Forfeited Out-of-State Service Credit
Sec. 10-183aa(f)-1. Eligibility and Determination of Benefits Under the Teachers’ Retirement Board
Sec. 10-183l-1 to 10-183l-25. Eligibility and Determination of Benefits Under the Teachers’ Retirement System
Sec. 10-204a-1 to 10-204a-4. School Immunization Requirements
Sec. 10-212-1 to 10-212-7. School Nurses and Nurse Practitioners
Sec. 10-212a-1 to 10-212a-10. Administration of Medications by School Personnel and Administration of Medication During Before- and After- School Programs and School Readiness Programs
Sec. 10-214-1 to 10-214-5. Vision, Audiometric and Postural Screenings
Sec. 10-214a-1 to 10-214a-3. Use of Eye Protective Devices in Schools
Sec. 10-215b-1 to 10-215b-23. Child Feeding Programs
Sec. 10-215d-1. Nutrition Standards for Breakfasts and Lunches
Sec. 10-226e-1 to 10-226e-9. Regulations to Implement the Racial Imbalance Law
Sec. 10-233g-1 to 10-233g-2. Records of Threats and Physical Assaults upon Teachers, School Personnel and Students
Sec. 10-261b-1 to 10-261b-2. Penalties and the Waiver of Penalties for Failure to Comply With Certain State Reporting Requirements
Sec. 10-261(c)-1 to 10-261(c)-4. Calculation Net Current Expenditures
Sec. 10-281n-1 to 10-281n-12. Administration of the Nonpublic School Secular Education Act
Sec. 10-283a-1 to 10-283a-7. School Construction Grants
Sec. 10-287c-1 to 10-287c-23. School Construction Grants
Sec. 10-292a-1 to 10-292a-10. School Asbestos Inspection and Abatement
Sec. 10-293-1 to 10-293-51. Agency Organization, Practice and Procedure
Sec. 10-295-1 to 10-295-25. Program for Deaf-Blind Adults
Sec. 10-300a-1 to 10-300a-4. Labeling of Goods Made by Blind Persons
Sec. 10-303-1 to 10-303-18. Vending Facilities in Public Buildings
Sec. 10-306-1 to 10-306-16a. Vocational Rehabilitation Services
Sec. 10-308-1 to 10-308-1a. Vocational Rehabilitation Services
Sec. 10-320j-1 to 10-320j-9. Historic Homes Rehabilitation Tax Credit
Sec. 10-321-1 to 10-321-12. Course and Method of Operation
Sec. 10-324-1 to 10-324-4. Categories of Planning
Sec. 10-330-1 to 10-330-22. Licensing and Accrediting of Programs and Institutions of Higher Learning
Sec. 10-369-1 to 10-369-10. Agency Description and Functions
Sec. 10-384-1 to 10-384-4. State Archaeological Preserves
Sec. 10-386-1 to 10-386-5. Archaeological Permits
Sec. 10-392-1 to 10-392-44. Organization and Rules of Practice
Sec. 10-416a-1 to 10-416a-12. Historic Structures Rehabilitation Tax Credits
Sec. 10-416b-1 to 10-416b-13. Historic Preservation Tax Credit