Title 05. State Employees  

Sec. 5-9-1 to 5-9-32. Personnel Department
Sec. 5-141c-1 to 5-141c-11. Reimbursement of State Employees for Expenses Incurred in the Performance of Their Duties
Sec. 5-155-1 to 5-155-13. Organization of the State Employees'Retirement Commission and Procedures Available to the Public in the Conduct of their Business with the Commission
Sec. 5-155a-1 to 5-155a-2. Petitions for Declaratory Ruling
Sec. 5-156c-1. Criteria for Waiver of Overpayment
Sec. 5-158b-1 to 5-158b-4. Payment of Retirement Contributions by Employees Who Elect Plan ‘‘C’’
Sec. 5-165-1 to 5-165-4. Election of Optional Form of Retirement Salary for State Employees
Sec. 5-167-1. Payment of Retirement Contributions by Reemployed Members for Prior Service
Sec. 5-180-1. Payment of Retirement Contributions by Employees for Military Service
Sec. 5-181-1. Payment of Retirement Contributions by Active Employees for Prior Service
Sec. 5-200-1 to 5-200-2. Positions and Compensation
Sec. 5-200(k)-1 to 5-200(k)-4. Assignment and Termination of State Housing
Sec. 5-201-1 to 5-201-17. Procedure for Hearing Appeals
Sec. 5-202-1 to 5-202-3. Appeals and Grievances
Sec. 5-206-1. Reclassifications
Sec. 5-211-1. Outstandingly Meritorious Service Award
Sec. 5-213-1. Longevity Payment
Sec. 5-216-1 to 5-216-2. Waiver of Appointment
Sec. 5-219a-1 to 5-219a-2. Volunteer Experience
Sec. 5-221a-1 to 5-221a-4. Application Rejection Appeal Process
Sec. 5-222-1 to 5-222-2. Unassembled Examinations
Sec. 5-223-1. Eligibility for Continuing Examination
Sec. 5-224-1. Veteran’s Examination—Credit Open Competitive Examinations
Sec. 5-225-1. Examination Results; Review of Papers
Sec. 5-228-1 to 5-228-2. Permanent Appointments
Sec. 5-229-1. Appointment; Refusal of Appointment
Sec. 5-230-1. Working Tests
Sec. 5-234-1. Training Programs
Sec. 5-237-1. Service Rating
Sec. 5-238-1 to 5-238-5. Work Schedules
Sec. 5-239-1 to 5-239-2. Transfers
Sec. 5-240-1 to 5-240-8a. Reprimand, Suspension, Demotion and Dismissal
Sec. 5-241-1 to 5-241-2. Reemployment Lists
Sec. 5-243-1. Resignation from State Service
Sec. 5-244-1. Infirmities
Sec. 5-245-1. Overtime
Sec. 5-247-1 to 5-247-12. Sick Leave
Sec. 5-248-1 to 5-248-6. Leave of Absence
Sec. 5-248b-1 to 5-248b-9. Parental and Medical Leave
Sec. 5-248c-1 to 5-248c-3. Voluntary Schedule Reduction Program
Sec. 5-249-1. Volunteer Duty
Sec. 5-250-1 to 5-250-8. Vacation Leave
Sec. 5-254-1 to 5-254-2. Holidays
Sec. 5-262-1 to 5-262-12. State Employee Campaign for Charitable Giving
Sec. 5-263a-1 to 5-263a-15. State Suggestion Program
Sec. 5-265-1. Special Training Courses
Sec. 5-266a-1. Conflicts of Interests
Sec. 5-266c-1 to 5-266c-3. Political Activity of Classified State Employees
Sec. 5-273-1 to 5-273-77. Collective Bargaining for State Employees